4 Tips For a Pleasant Walking Tour

Like to hike. It’s still great to be active outdoors, no matter whether the sun shines or when raindrops fall. If you just walking, then is the proper clothing and the right shoes not too important. But if you want longer time hiking, it is advisable to check what is the best equipment, so that you can hang the walks without any problems. We give you four practical tips for a pleasant hike.

  1. Tip: The correct clothing while hiking

It is advisable to attract those clothes while hiking, which fits on the weather situation. Some properties of practical met are:

  • passend for different weather conditions
  • Leicht
  • Schnell drying
  • Multifunktionell. For example, a jacket with a removable fleece liner.
  • Atmungsaktiv
  1. Tip: The layering system for hiking

If you’ll get in free sports, it is wise to wear several layers of clothes. At higher temperatures, you carry fewer layers than when cold. A quick drying trousers with detachable legs is ideal as a leg covering.

  • Schicht 1: Thermal wear. These derived humidity and thus your body stays warm and dry.
  • Schicht 2: fleece pullover or fleece jacket. Thermal fleece keep warm and breathable.
  • Schicht 3: Waterproof and breathable jacket.
  1. Tip: Stay pleasantly dry when hiking

Hiking is so great in the rain, but obviously have no desire to wet feet. To avoid wet feet, wear the best shoes or clothes with Gore-Tex. The centerpiece of all Gore Tex textiles is an extremely thin, permanently waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane. Because Gore Tex is very breathable and well derived damp, your feet stay guaranteed dry.

  1. Tip: Why a walking stick for hiking is recommended

Walking sticks are ideal if you are hiking in the mountains or wearing a heavy backpack. We recommend you to use two canes Fürs balance. If you go up the mountain, they will offer you support and stability and if you get off the mountain, they relieve your joints. In addition, walking sticks in wet weather prevent that you slip out. A great advantage is also that you maintain better go with the sticks, which leads that the lung capacity is increasing and decreasing the load on the back. A cane only for older people? Not at all!

A good equipment is an investment on the many years experience joy. You have but don’t feel like sweaty clothes, because then, the fun goes by you soon. And the walking sticks? If you want to hike for years to come, you get them the best. Make your body a huge favor. If you take our 4 tips to heart, then no mountain is too high you. Happy hiking!

Do you have even hiking tips? We appreciate it if you would share this with us.