4 Tips For Buying a Back Pack

Backpacking is a big trend at the time. You have completed your studies, find a job or are looking for a different kind of holiday. You pack your bag and go to another continent. For a few months not well stocked wardrobe more, but with limited choice from a back pack live. The backpack is your best friend and that’s why it is important to invest much time in search of a good backpack. I’ll give you some tips you should consider when you buy a backpack, so that this ultimately is not your biggest enemy.

Well guided by Tip 1: and customize

First of all, it is important that you are well oriented, before you buy a backpack. Our colleague Elke has made 8 months backpacking in South America and gladly shares her experience with you. “Before I went to the mega store, I had looked on the net, what I about wanted. I would like to order the back pack not online, because I wanted to be sure fit the model. The backpack should connect: close to the body. At the store, I’ve adapted to different models and I was well advised. I’m pretty tall (1.81 m) udn therefore, a unisex model came quickly in question because the women were too small for me. I’m looking for a backpack with adjustable back and a capacity of 55 + 10 litres of brand deuter (Aircontact 55 + 10 granite papaya) decided. Additional part is above in the backpack. the 10 litre”

Hint 2: think about the size of your back pack

You should also think about the size of your back pack. Mostly men (50-70 L) are larger than women (45-60 L). “I was almost eight months and my size, 55 + 10L, was perfect for me. I had enough space for clothes, shoes and some extra stuff. At the beginning, I doubted that the Backpack was large enough, but ultimately more things take with with a larger bag, more weight you must carry around with them. For backpacking is often true: less is more. What is very important, that you have appropriate clothing here for any temperature, then you really have it all. If you travel only a few weeks and you know that the temperature every day in the principle is the same, then you deal with a smaller backpack, because you need less different clothing.”

Tip 3: am, which is when the backpack handy for you

Also important are the openings of a back pack. A large backpack with only an opening can be very difficult because this gives problems, if you need something that is at the bottom in the back pack. Before you feel it, everything is messed up and need to pack every day once again your back pack. “My backpack has an opening at the front, bottom and in the middle (front loader). After a while I knew exactly where my clothes were and also how I should open zipper, to find the right stuff. As a result I needed to pack my backpack not often again, because I was a Packen my clothes and other items in the same way.”

Tip 4: to invest in a rain cover

The next tip is a rain cover. You not only use a rain cover when it rains. “Already a rain cover was included in my back pack. I have used these ultimately much more often than I had first thought. Every bus or air travel, I pulled the cover over my back pack. Firstly, because the shell protects against dirt. Your luggage is often below kicked in the bus, where protection is located. The cover absorbs the dirt and your backpack will remain clean. Also I pulled the cover over my back pack when we had to go far. Through the shell, you could steal things from my backpack because there was no access to openings. I used on the cover of course what she made: when it rains. Many advantages so is with a rain cover that with regard to me indispensable.” Not every back pack a rain cover is included, but you can buy these separately of course.

So, should note several things when buying a back pack. The best way to advise in a shop so that you can try on some models and can make the best choice, so that you really enjoy your purchase. My colleagues have helped very well Elke. Buy a backpack, which is not really suitable for you can during your trip much stress give you. Note these tips, choose with care, so that you can enjoy your trip extra good!