8 Reasons Why Is Walking Good For Body And Soul

The warm weather, which is hopefully soon, do you have to go out but also want it? Sturdy walking shoes dress and looking for the nature. Hiking is in many ways good for you. In any case, feels good about itself, in the sense that you are physically active. Even if the weather is less beautiful, is walking comfortably. You are happier anyway if you walk as if you look out the window, watching the rain. But what really makes hiking for your body and soul? We list 8 advantages in any order for you.

1. walking improves your mood and reduces stress

Walking is the easiest way to improve your mood, as put on the shoes and off it goes. In addition, there is a cheaper way than new clothes and shoes to buy ;-). British research found that hiking in the case of a depression would be better as an antidepressant and that walking can reduce insomnia and anxiety or even take away. While walking you do on endorphins (hormones of happiness), which you feel more comfortable. If you hike, however, this is my experience, then you can unleash your thoughts or just thinking about absolutely nothing. So keep it even in a natural way that you reduce mental stress. If you go hiking in a beautiful green area, then seems to this effect to be even greater.

2. hiking can prolong your life

If you go regularly, you can extend your life according to an American publication of a study, which took almost 10 years. Turns out, that the most common physical defects, which occur as you get older, there were longer and this clearly resulted in a prolongation of life.

3. walking activates your brain

Hiking will make sure that your brain remains active and thus reduce the risk of an accelerated deterioration of the functioning of the brain. Alzheimer’s and dementia are unfortunately more and more often. This is caused in part, that people are living longer, but it also has to do the job that many of us make. Physical labor is always less and will be replaced by sedentary activity and our brain is harmed. Various studies have taught that holds regular hiking, the brain in old age in good shape.

4. walking improves your immune system

Scientists have nachgeweisen preventing remote hiking, regardless of your age, heart and circulatory problems. You have to train it to keep your heart in good shape, but. Hiking is an excellent workout for the heart. According to research, people who walk at least 2.5 hours per week, a better cholesterol have. Also, a regular Wanderer has grown more infections.

  1. hiking makes your bones stronger

With advancing age, bones are generally brittle, but you can certainly delay this process. If you go regularly, you will strengthen your bones and your bone strength. According to the newspaper New York Times no less than 4 to 7 years longer it takes hikers, until your bones weaken when compared to canteens, which are less physically active. In women who regularly hike, turns out that they lose less bone tissue than women who do not or hardly walk.

6 walking helps you to lose weight and keep your weight stable

For many people, especially women, I think one reason to go ;-), because hiking is a good way to lose weight. Very quickly it is not but, but rather slowly, but straighter slow weight loss is often a prerequisite for permanent weight loss. If you hike 20 minutes every day, you will lose in the average 3 kg per year. And it could be more if you take into account your food.

7th walking ensures a tight body

Another great reason, if you ask me. Walking is good for your belly, butt, and legs, because if you go, you strengthen the muscles, resulting in a firmer body (in any case of the lower part of your body). Decreases the size of the abdomen, cellulite and your butt is fixed. Make Nordic walking, then train even more muscle groups. If you indeed walk with sticks, then have your upper body to work. In addition, is walking with sticks for your balance and go more upright, causing you to strain your back less and increase lung capacity.

8 walking lowers blood pressure and the risk of a stroke

You walk three to five times a week for half an hour, then you can dramatically reduce your blood pressure according to Web MD. A study of 11,000 Harvard graduates found that someone who about 20 kilometers per week wanders, has 50% less risk of a stroke. If you are active, then your heart is pumping about 50 litres of blood per minute around. If you are not an effort that is only 3 to 5 liters per minute. Research has proved that if one wanders the maximal oxygen uptake of the body significantly improved.

With these reasons, we are not yet fully long ago. The list of the advantages of hiking is actually endless. Advantages in terms of creativity, on the reduction of risk to diabetes, the boost of fun in bed, etc.

Let’s go

Even I really like hiking. Sometimes I enjoy headphones with good music here, or just the silence alone, so that I can record the environment well in me. Another time, I walk with a friend, so that we can share the latest news. Now I have the advantage that I live in a very nice area, so I go along regularly through the Woods and on the water. Because admit on concrete pavement an hour hiking, while the cars quickly pass rush, but less attractive… Wear good shoes and socks that prevent bubbles that quickly could spoil by the hiking mood.

What is the reason that you go for you?