Backpack for Camping

When you go camping, one of the main tools is backpack. A good backpack is essential to make your old as you planned it. In the market there are plenty of models and sizes of backpacks, each suitable for certain occasions. If you are going to make a trip for a couple of days just a pack of about 40 liters. Now if you are backpacking you have to take into account the amount of things you have to take, from summer apparel into rainwear. For these occasions, you need a minimum 80 liters and ideally 90 backpack. It is important to also note that women can not use a 90 litre backpack filled to the brim since it can injure your back or shoulders.

Backpack for Camping

40 litre backpack

The theory says that the backpack can weigh no more than 10% of body weight. This means that a man of about 80 kg of weight has to carry his backpack with not more than 8 Kg. In practice this is not so, since the implements of camping are heavy and the 8 kg would complete with just half of the backpack filled.
The important thing is to balance, i.e. If you are willing to walk long distances optimize to the maximum the weight of your backpack. If you go camping and park the car next to your tent you can load your backpack to the maximum regardless of the weight.

80 litre backpack

Here is a list of ranges of sizes of backpack depending on the occasion:
• The backpacks of less than 40 litres are used to practice trekking or departures per day.
• Between 40 and 60 liter backpacks are optimal for outputs of one night of stay (by the weekend for example)
• Between 60 and 80 liter backpacks are ideal for camping for 2 nights and more exits.
• Finally the backpacks of 80 liters and more are for long trips (1 week and more).
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