Build Your Own Water Filter

On several occasions a water filter can be useful. I drank water from filters built by myself and a few techniques can save your life in an adventure.

First you need to understand what a filter does:

-Removes suspended particles in the water

-Remove taste and odors

-Kills bacteria and worms

– Removes heavy metal

To understand, let’s get hands-on and create our first filter. The cool thing about this is that you build in the jungle, with all kinds of material.

We’re going to set up a tripod-shaped suspension using:

-Cloth (a t-shirt serves)



-Coal (taken from the fire)

-Banana peel powder (optional)

This format is not new, has extensive documentation on military manuals and can be adapted for a PET bottle only changing the cloth by stones. What we have is different here and optional is the banana peel.

The grass serves for the first filtering process, remove larger stones, insects, etc.

The sand already makes a fine filter, removing the clay water basically is nothing more than dirt particles mixed in water.

Coal is responsible for removing the taste and smell of the water. The ideal is to grind the coal fire in the water go through the same by stones.

The banana peel serves to retain heavy metals from water, studies show up to 60 percent improvement in water quality.

Using the banana to filter water

To remove heavy metals from water using banana peel is easy. You first grind the bark and let it dry in the Sun. Turn it into a fine powder, pass through a sieve to make everything uniform and mix in the water you want to filter. Mix well to look like a dirty water and pass through the filter that we built.

Heavy metals will join the bark powder and you will remove all the filter. Visit for a camping water bottle.

PET bottle filter and ceramic candle

If you’re cautious, can build a filter at home using clay filter candle and lead to adventure, look that built only with a plastic bottle and a clay filter candle.