Building a Basic Kit For Trails

Carry a basic kit in their tracks or camps is indispensable for your comfort or can be decisive in a critical situation. A kit regardless of your purpose, need not be expensive sometimes you draw up with materials that exist in your home. He has to be light, practical and meet their needs. Was passing by those needs we draw up a set of basic equipment which always carry with us when we’re going to do a track and the course is not difficult to reach, or even in other situations involving tracks more complicated or long journeys. Remembering that the kit has that always meet your needs and (varying according to the individual and environment).

A set of basic kits to meet the needs.

We should analyze where we are going, what kind of terrain and with that we can face the front. For a basic kit for trails, like the picture, you will need:

A comfortable backpack.

Canteen (the more purified water better, but more weight is added).

Rope, at least 30 m.

First aid kit. (To draw up your click here).

All-in-one kit. (To draw up your click here).

A small knife. (A good suggestion, click here).

Flashlight or head lamp.

Snacks (Granola bar or easy food preparation).

If by chance you think you can spend the night at the scene, add a network or a tent.

A backpack 35 l is a good suggestion to take your kit and more what you need.

As we have seen, are basic equipment to any adventurer must possess, don’t leave home without your Bush kit. Over time, the experience you get do you produce more improved kits and you end up reducing the equipment.

All-in-one kit, head lamp and knife.

Remember to appreciate the safety and analyze each component, if an equipment can do various functions, is more worthwhile to take it than many others, because you decrease the weight and increase space for other equipment. Also be sure the clothing suitable to the local climate.

If you have any question or suggestion reader is just leave a comment, or if you have photo of your kits, send it to us.