Buy Travel Packages Or Travel Camping?

When we talk about camping, some people often mistakenly say “camping is a cheap way to host and make tourism”. This is a somewhat limited.

The camping activity is quite democratic and inclusive, encompassing all kind of tourist: the richest, those who join their currencies to travel, babies of 2 months to Lords and ladies who take advantage of their periods of retirement mochilando forthese roads to outside Brazil. Campers, do it because you like and not on accountof the balance in your bank account. The camper is in love with nature, by the uncertainty of the next day, for the friendships and learning you will find within the environment of a camping, and the feeling of freedom you feel to know that you’re loading your house where you’re going.

However, we cannot deny the fact that travel camping be much cheaper than the travel packages is also attractive. To notice this in numbers, we do a comparison between both. Let’s tease out a basic budget for a trip of 3 days in the Chapada Diamantina we had the privilege to participate in, and make a comparison with a travel package with the same number of days, to the same location, which recently researched on a tour here in my town.

Sunset in Morro do Pai Inácio

To start, let’s look at the locations visited during these three days in each of the methods:



Morro do Pai Inácio

Pit of Hell

Gruta da Smoke

Blue Grotto


Morro do Pai Inácio

Mosquito falls

Ribeirão do Meio


Hall of coloured sands

Total: 10 tourist attractions


Morro do Pai Inácio

Pit of Hell

Ribeirão do Meio

Devil falls

Poço Azul


Blue Grotto

Cave of Lapa Doce

Cave of Torrinha

Waterfall of Siberia


Total: 10 tourist attractions.

Here we find the first advantage. Visit the many tourist attractions that a common tour, but with the advantage of a greater freedom, since, by the fact that we’re on our own, we had more freedom to enjoy each location in our own way, in our time, without worry about timetables or any other programming grid previously fixed by someone that wasn’t us.

Now we go to the second point of analysis: the budget.

To have a notion more clear and the two comparative situations, let’s not put herepersonal expenses such as extra outlets, buying gifts or souvenirs, or similar expenses, since this type of expenditure is of a personal nature and subjective, vary a lot from person to person. Let’s focus only on spending on tour, as the value of tickets for entry at attractions, and spending on food and other basic needs that are part of the budget of any trip. Let’s consider for comparison the following values:

Breakfast 12 real: can be found a good Northeastern coffee among the alleys of the city of Sheets for that price.

Lunch 20 reais

Dinner 20 reais

In this way, we get the following values:


Price of package: 740.00

Natural slide in the Ribeirão do Meio

Breakfast: Included

Lunch: 3 × 20.00 = 60.00

Dinner: 20.00 × 3 = 60.00

Total: 860 Real


Transportation: 160 reais (this was the value that was after the Division of the gasbetween the 4 occupants)

Camping daily: 3 × 25.00 = 75 reais

Breakfast: 3 × 12 = 36 reais

Lunch: 3 × 20 = 60 reais

Dinner: 3 × 20 = 60 reais

Ticket to the Father Ignatius: real 6

Ticket of Pratinha: 20 reais

Blue pit ticket: 20 reais

Tab in Lapa Doce: 30 real

Guide to Torrinha: 30 real

Total: 497 reais

It is true that in both cases, the expenses will be bigger than that. Since there’s always that extra ride that wasn’t supposed to happen, or that beer in a bar night in Sheets-BA, gifts and souvenirs, and a few other contingencies that may happen. Butwhat we want to show is that within the optics of a budget only the basic necessities, the expenses amount to be 43% smaller when you travel to backpacking and tent along with a group or a couple of friends. Not to mention the feeling of freedomto be able to travel to your event, with your travel plan, the atmosphere of friendship and respect that is characteristic of the campgrounds and the stories and life lessons that you will load, experiences you can’t taste the traditional rooms of hotels.

The Conclusion Is Simple, Camping You Travel More Often And Better!