Camping All Proof?

Many campers attend the “Bear Grylls’ program” foolproof “, and feel the urge to do some wildest camps. Of course, when you talk to their wives are immediately reminded of the reality.

With me was no different, but you didn’t take my will to do tracks with overnights and try something “BushCraft”, which are about techniques, but I haven’t been able to perform them.

The protagonist of the program “sobrevivencialista” mentioned above, is a former military, specialist in inhospitable environments. Of course in the program is all ready and even tested to demonstrate the concepts of survival. Many criticisms of the program come to call of quackery, but I believe some tips are really useful and valid, as well as the program is fun and good entertainment.

After everything I’ve read on the internet I found it interesting that the company Gerber, one of the largest manufacturers of cutlery and tools, has launched a line with the name of sobrevivencialista “Bear Grylls.

I decided to check out two products of this brand: the Survival knife “BG Ultimate Survival Knife” and the “BG Ultimate Survival Kit Survival Kit”.

Photographed on my dining room table, we can notice the initials of “Bear Grylls” BG and your signature sharing space with the Gerber brand. In this photo we have also a Curvimeter/Compass/thermometer of the Cheetah, item added to the Kit from Gerber for total lack of a compass. That emergency kit comes without a compass?

Let’s start with the contents of the Kit.

See above the components of the Kit, which comes in a zippered bag, and inside it a “Ziplock”.

Inside it there is an emergency blanket, aluminized which can be used to build a shelter; a saw with two flexible rings to hold; a Flint; emergency matches with sandpaper; a roll of waxed string (almost a thong); a small piece of wire to construct a trap; a thin cord roll; a “multi-tool” with a small pair of pliers; a kit with some fishing line and hooks, sinkers; an emergency whistle; a signalling mirror; a “huge” (tiny) cotton wool to start fire; a little sewing kit with lines, needles, buttons and a safety pin; a guide of “Bear Grills” of survival with suggestions (in English) to a shelter, get water and signalling; and finally a small flashlight key chain.

Aluminized cloth is very useful in situations where there are not many resources to keep warm at night, and can be used to contain water.

The saw is very interesting: it’s a wire/chain with a series of nodes, which is used by passing around the branch to be cut and pulling the rings one at a time, in a movement of coming and going. Cuts! Although it doesn’t seem like something very enduring is very useful for an emergency situation.

The Flint and the matches are alternatives to make fire. For those who never used a flintlock, don’t think just scratch and Sparks will ignite a huge fire magically, requires practice. The phosphors are coated with paraffin to help insulate. The two can be used together with cotton to start the fire, then access should be placed on the fire sticks thin, and go gradually adding branches until the fire is stable.

The string waxed and the piece of wire can be used to make a trap for small animals, but the material does not explain how to use.

The cord has many functions in an emergency situation, among them: build shelter, traps, tools and etc.

The multi-tool is really of great quality and is an item manufactured by Gerber, also sold separately from the Kit. Has a small blade, bottle opener, small screwdriver and a file/sandpaper, but the best is the pliers.

The sewing Kit is very important because in the Bush you can rip your clothes or lose a button.

The fishing Kit comes with what you won’t get with ease, leaving you to find a wand and a flotation device if necessary.

The whistle seems redundant, since there is also a whistle on the tip of the cord used to pull the zipper, and another on the knife.

The flashlight dispenses comments of use, but has a very low intensity and seems useful only to find something inside the backpack, in the glove compartment of the car or inside the tent, if you’re already in the dark for a long time.

The signaling mirror is very good and has a hole in the middle is essential so that you can see exactly where the reflection of the Sun, which makes it easier to flag someone far away. The brochure explains how to use the mirror with reflection between the fingers to achieve such a feat.

I just don’t understand how this Kit does not have a compass!, so I added a compass with a thermometer and a curvimeter Cheetah brand. I had to search on the internet what the hell is a curvimeter. It serves to measure the length of a road full of curves on a map, and comes with various markings to maps in different scales, such as 1:50000. I took and added some tablets to treat water and a lighter, after all it is much easier to light a fire in a real emergency.

Now we’re going under the knife:

This knife is very cool. Have a excellent finish and your hem has horizontal and vertical attachment points. The receptacle of the sheath is all in resistant plastic and locks the knife safely. Note that she has a cord with a whistle. A velcro strap holds the cord at hem.

In front of the sheath has a small inverted T-shaped piece. It is a Flint embedded.

My Flint has use marks, since I ran with it. Makes very strong Sparks, which leave any Flint dying of shame. Seems to have a durability exceeding 1000 shaved, as the manufacturer.

The knife has a machined part on the back of the blade to scrape the Flint and fire. We can also see that the blade is well reinforced.

The handle of the knife has a sort of whisk or hammer.

The blade has a very good steel, as reported by many users, keeps edging for a long time, even under the most severe use. Half of the blade is with smooth cutting and half with serrated cutting, which has been very sharp. That’s what Gerber blades does best and this will last for many years. The blade goes through all the cable (Full Tang) until the Snitch (hammer).

The hilt of the knife is very safe and allows you to work with precision and safety. The holes in the Orange part allow the knife to be tied to a stick to make a spear.

To complete, the knife comes with a diamond stone inside the sheath, for sharpening the blade.

With this Kit in your pocket and this knife in his belt I feel prepared to sit back and watch the show “foolproof”. Just kidding!! I haven’t had a chance to test the two, but I’ve seen several videos where the knife was severely abused and hammered with rocks, splitting firewood as an axe and resisting bravely. I don’t intend to do that and for sure will last long.

Both were purchased on the website but can also be found on the open market.

Follows links from amazon:

Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

Of course it’s a different knife, made to cut a steak on a barbecue. The product line of “BG” has other items, such as canteens, flashlights, various types of knives and Pocket knives and etc.

I hope you enjoyed and had fun with the post, and if you have any questions or suggestions just post a comment.