Camping in the Snow in Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have a certain bad luck with cold and this now was instrumental in I decide something: If I can choose, only camp in the heat. It had been cold in the Pico da Bandeira, after very cold in Thin Saw and now COLD DIED in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Camping in the Snow

I’m giving back to the world and it is clear that Europe is the most expensive of all, here I don’t have much money to eat, drink or stay, so much so that I’m spending a day in food on average 3 euros, a water for 1 euro and 2 left to spend the day. Yesterday was a baguette without filling , that is, pure bread and now as I write this post, I’m eating a strawberry box which cost 1.5 euros.

As I have no money, I decided to camp at a location about 50 minutes walk from the city of Amsterdam, centre of Western Europe. On the first day I couldn’t get there, got lost and had to find a hostel, but yesterday I went there camping or better to try camping. I’ve never been so cold in my life, I thought the worst had been in my experience in the Atacama desert, but yesterday I felt a cold chipping.


First curiosity about camping in sub-zero climates: the ground is hard, practically a block of ice. It was difficult to put the spikes, it took almost twice as long to assemble the tent, why do all with glove is more difficult. Even talking on a cell phone or making videos is complicated in the cold of 3 degrees. But it will get worse quite yet …

One thing I’ve learned to be cold in the mountains of Brazil is that everything improves with the Sunrise, Brazil is a gift, the Sun, even viewed as a god by our Indians, in their first minutes warms everything, even the bones of the poor adventurers like me. Here, the cold is constant and it only gets worse very early on.

8:00 of the night I had already noticed the dump to have gone camping in the cold, even with professional equipment that took, I spent a hell of a cold and had to go into survival mode not to die, or at least that was my fear. I don’t know what it’s like to die of hypothermia, so I wouldn’t know if you were dying of cold and I was the biggest concern.

In these hours is to put Grandma’s trick to work. In the old days when the days in SP were colder, people filled hot-water bottles and put in the legs, that’s exactly what I did, except I used a PET bottle. Wake up to 2:00 pm 2 hours shivering and connected the stove to heat up over 500 ml of water and put in the foot or between the legs, helping the circulation of the blood warm.

When the cold pressed, I played 1 spoon of sugar in water to give a taste and filled the Cup with hot water. Usually the body gives an insured in the cold for a few minutes and at this rate I spent the long night.

All I know is that today I woke up expecting the sun warm my bones and nothing, he stood there beating thing and it was no use. I collected my stuff and I left for a Hostel, I don’t know if I could stand another night in that rhythm. The tent was frozen as it snowed in the night, the ground frozen tent in back of my thermal insulator that didn’t isolantezinho some miserê miracle brand I cursed him during that night.

I’ve written here would rather camp out on the net, but unfortunately had no tree so I tie my strings, I had to go to the ground.

But that’s it, If you don’t go and try and can’t talk that has managed, in this case nature kicked me out and I went with the tail between the legs back to the hot shower in the Hostel where I am. The problem is the money that was shorter. I don’t know how homeless people do around here, must have to put a stack of 50 cm of cardboard to insulate the cold that seeps through the soil.

Keep watching the blog for a trip around the world this kind of thing happens, many more hassles will come. Then I speak what I think of Amsterdam, I’ll wait the Fefa get around here.

Hug and good riddance!