Camping Natuurdomein de Landerije: Paradise For Nature Lovers And Peace Seekers

The Northwest of the province of Overijssel contains many unknown places. One of them is lower and this village is located in a hilly landscape–which had formed in the ice age-the unique natural area National Park Weerribben-Wieden. These two national parks are called in the same breath, because they literally go over each other. The size of the area and the variety in the landscape offers many opportunities for active vacationers to work out: on foot, by bicycle, by boat or by car.

Past clearly visible

The past of the peat is still clearly visible and palpable in this region. The extraction of peat, peat cutters have ‘made’ this landscape. Peat (excavated Moor) was placed on the insert fields, so that it could dry. In this way arose the name ‘weerribben’. The weere / excavator water and creating fields / the Ribben. We find the poor remain of the peat cutters, the so-called “Vervenershuisjes”, are still in the countryside.

Picturesque surroundings

Characteristic villages as Blokzijl and Vollenhove, Kalenberg, Ossenzijl take us back in time by Anton Pieck. Attracted by the beauty and diversity of this area, 2005 with her “camping Natuurdomein De Landerije” started pure punter and Paula Stuart also very aware – right here-in the year.

Own perspective on camping

Paula Stuart explains: “from the outset we have a very personal point of view camp and the strength of the campsite is not only the area, but also to determine:”

-True hospitality





-Itself be

-Offer quality

“And if all of these basic conditions have been met, then follows the rest – like comfort, harmony and atmosphere, as saying.”

Quiet but close to everything

“Despite the quiet location of our campsite, this is not in the middle of nowhere, so Paula continues.” You ride on beautiful roads along to lovely shops, swimming pool, terraces and nice restaurants. Everything is in “Range”. Our entertainment does not happen through speakers, but is that you are woken up by the many species of birds, is a hedgehog, passing from a hare that bounces over the campsite from grazing deer. It is precisely this silence, which makes our campsite so special!”

It feels very much like home

Paula is proud of their campsite. “Even our sanitation (housed in a Sheepfold) are not an everyday camping evaluation equipment. When you come in, you are at home. We have chosen the color and privacy with care to the Division. Every week there is a fresh bouquet of flowers. Further, you find SOAP at the bathroom sink and of course there’s toilet paper.”

Short or long time camping, luxurious or simple: everything can

“In principle, we are a charging station for our guests, who need do nothing right now or need to, but just ‘want to refuel'”, says Paula. “Would some day or spend much longer with us?” Or want to utilise the luxuriously equipped chalets or the simple mobile accommodation? We offer detailed ways to explore the nature reserve ‘ de weerribben ‘. Our cheap gepreisten seasonal pitches are very appealing. From 600 euros you can your accommodation for more than accommodate 6 months with us in a beautiful field.”


Our site, you have the opportunity to learn more about ‘Camping Natuurdomein De Landerije’. You can do that in a virtual way. Paula decides: “you won’t find a better impression. If you are looking a campsite, you make a conscious choice. It should be simply good feel ‘. Of course you must pass, before you decide to our campsite, times with us. Then first together we drink a cup of coffee or tea, and you can decide then in retrospect whether it feels good.”