Camping: What to Take and How to Make

Holiday weekend, how about a camping? If so, here are some tips to ensure that your camping is the best or if it’s your first time so they wouldn’t be a disaster.


Join your friends and proposes a camping at least two weeks before, so give time for them to buy their materials and to organize themselves better. The ideal are four or more people.

Look for information about the location and if possible visit the week before, take a trail.

Make a meeting a week before and discuss the menu and the apportionment of money to purchase. At least two people must be responsible for that part.

2 days before

See the weather forecast, but always be prepared for rainy days and cold. Start organizing your backpack. See tips to organize your backpack by clicking Here.

Make a list of everything you will take and test in the bag to feel the weight and quality. Some things you just put in the time to come out, so don’t forget to arrange another list only with the last-minute stuff. Remember also to recharge batteries.

Again meet to discuss timetables and means of transport.

What to bring?


Shelter: tent or hammock, sleeping bag, canvas, etc.

Fire Kit: lighter, match, Flint, sailing.

First aid kit: click here to learn what to take

Fishing Kit: only for places that have fish.

Hygiene Kit: toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, FLOSS, SOAP, towel, etc.

Food: cutlery kit, plate, pot, sponge, steel wool, SOAP.

Clothes: Here depends on the individual and how many days will be camping, but always take a jacket and clothing recently.

Tools: knife, knife, machete, flashlight, etc.

Insect repellent and sunscreen

Camera: to register the good times

Canteen of water: you prefer, because you can heat the water by placing it in the fire.

Orientation Kit: map, compass, whistle, etc.

Food: If the camp is in a group, the organizers are responsible for the main meals of the day, but always take cereal bar, cookie, candy, etc.

If you are looking for a good place to buy these equipment, we suggest that you check out the official store of our portal! (Click here)

We arrived, and now?

Upon arriving at the scene looking for a place to mount your shelter. Done this House also your stuff so that in case of emergency you can get out with them, or in the event of a rain shelter them.

Look for firewood and set it next to your shelter, in case of rain keep them so they don’t get wet.

Time to go

Don’t forget to put out the fire completely. Pack all your stuff back in the bag. Collect your garbage, don’t leave anything behind.

That’s right guys, good camping for you.