Choose the Right Color for the Camp Lamp Lighting

You’ve probably noticed that the lights attract many insects during the night on camping. Sometimes this becomes very uncomfortable size the “swarm” of unwanted mosquitoes that are circulating the canopy or even falling in on us and the food. That the choice of lamp can relieve this discomfort.

First it must be said that there is no miracle. So even if there are lamps that promise will never be 100% repellency. But more than this, our tip is that the color of the lamp lighting talks a lot more than specifically a model insect repellent.

Yellow lamps (not yellow) are significantly less attractive to insects. Yes. This is the more appropriate term. It is

Choose the Right Color for the Camp Lamp Lighting

not a color, but a color repellent that don’t make the insects are attracted-what happens with greater strength in the colors “white” and “light of day”. Contrary to talks, the insects are not attracted by the heat of the lamp, but the brightness. They are nocturnal and seek in the dark better security conditions before their predators and because suffer a minor dehydration. For this reason attack late in the afternoon and during the night, and attracted by the light of the Moon that is exactly white. Already the yellow color resembles with the light of fire, completely unattractive to them.

Lamps: lamps repellents repellents that promise this feat. We have no access to technical data, but our impression is that only are yellow and ready. This is because until the time of incandescent bulbs, there was still a doubt because there were brands with specific lamps (Milky yellow) that could still rely on some component in your inner surface that was in addition to the color, but with the emergence of CFLs and LED (check out definitions of LED at, makes you wonder if in the end the secret is not just in yellow color.

We do this test for years and we can say that the effect is the same. First we used incandescent bulbs. The effect was of a much lower frequency of mosquitoes being attracted, but far from reach zero. We can kick 90% efficiency compared to white lamps. After we started to use common compact fluorescent yellow color (no promise of repellency) and halogen lamps (PAIR-20) in yellow and amber. Result: the same effect. On the facts, we use the latest lamps for two main reasons. 1-the bulbs are cheaper than the reportedly repellents. 2-incandescent bulbs repellents, even famous brands were extremely sensitive and always “burned” in the bumps of travel. In addition to these reasons, we can choose the type of lamp. The PAIR-20 for example is the “proof” of water, no burning or cracking when the cold water hit your hot bulb. Coach can be gained in 12V voltage and the LED and we talk on the economy.

But our greatest intention in using the yellow lamp is even the ambience it provides. Everything is much more comfortable, warm and natural. Therefore, combining a therapy in a soothing color that attract fewer insects for your camp. And good fun.