Cooking Hob with An Oven

Made for those who like cooking on camping, requires more room in the trunk for transport, but meets like no other the all expectations of the best cooks campers.

Although we can say that makes all the functions of a homemade stove, we can still call it “portable”. Its reduced size oven is easily dribbled with the acquisition of Baking trays and trays of small and easily found on the market. Do roasts, pizzas and warm bread in the morning.

There are models of two or three mouths. Very common in trailers for an axis, it is also used in the tents of all Brazil and can be mounted on the feet that accompany or even on a counter. On most models the feet are removed for a more optimized transport.

With lid that serves as a rear apron, none has side fins to protect from wind. Have a great support to the pots that can even be stored in the oven when not in use.

The great advantage of who crave this type of stove is that, although there are more modern and expensive models, this item is part of the team of “the old ones that are good”. So it is possible to find good alternatives on the market of “used” the internet. As this is a heavier equipment, new and more modern models don’t make much in this regard, leaving for these few extra luxuries like tempered glass lid, stainless top, lighting and automatic ignition.