Cooking on Camping: Scrambled Eggs with Cheese on Flatbread

This recipe can be made both at breakfast, when you need more “substance”, as in the late afternoon when it comes to camping. Can also be served as a main dish, if you don’t lose a lot of time at the stove and still make a tasty meal.


4 eggs

A tablespoon of olive oil

A piece of mozzarella cheese

Salt to taste

Dried parsley to taste


Pour the oil in a frying pan, take to the stove and go breaking the eggs, one by one. Add the salt and dried parsley to taste. With a spoon, get moving, breaking the yolks and mixing everything very well. Stir in the mozzarella cheese already chopped and mix again. It’s just the time of the cheese melt and is ready!

Serve in PITA (these photos are integral) folded in half.

Good adventures and Bon Appetit!


Egg to Carry on Backpack (Boxed)

Eggs are very versatile ingredients in the kitchen, be it home or camper. Besides being an important source of protein for several recipes that can be incremented with this food. But eggs in the bag? Why not? Depending on the way they are stored is an option that will render very tasty dishes.

This is a tip from a friend that I started using in various mochiladas. The pot is of those of a litre for masses. Inside you will put only a portion of the egg carton. Just cut the lid of a box of eggs and the part that remains cut in half so you can fold it.

You can be sure that will fulfill your function to protect the eggs. It is worth remembering that the consumption of eggs should be fast, overnight, or in colder days, at most two days.