Cutting Tools-Knife And Knife

Everyone who enjoys adventuring in nature or want to begin to enjoy this side of life has or thinks in owning a knife or Pocket knife to take in the waist. This thought is perfectly correct, because an item that can never be lacking in an outdoor adventure is a good tool. With this tool you will be able to feed in the jungle, build a natural shelter, perform repairs in the tent, in the sleeping bag and the bag, loosen the clothes of a rugged person and many other utilities that it is not necessary to quote in this text.

The big secret for having a knife or knife is knowing how to use them the correct way as possible as a small slip is enough to be an accident. When using the knife or Pocket knife, always cut from your body out, because it will prevent accidents.

When purchasing a cutting tool search test it before you take for your adventures, make sure you’re really sharp. It’s unbelievable, but how much sharper is a cutting tool, less dangerous she is. The wireless knife escapes rather than cut and get more work.

Cutting tools require certain maintenance care, as we see below:

  • Keep them clean, dry and always sharp.
  • If they stay on the ground and in contact with the land of soil, moisture and dirt ends with the blade.
  • If they are forgotten in the serene, rain and dew can will rust them.
  • When finished using, place the knife clean and dry at the hem.
  • Clean the knife before putting it into the sheath, because after fouling the sheath on the inside, she is dirty.
  • When it is cut some wood or anything else, try not to knock the knife “on foot” and Yes, this avoids the formation of teeth on the blade.

How to Deliver the Knife to Someone Else?

Many accidents with knives and Pocket knives occur at the time in which a person delivers the tool out of the sheath to someone else, so I decided to put this text some photos to demonstrate the safest way to deliver a knife to your colleague or your partner without the sheath.

Attention: Use a knife can be very dangerous if not taken proper care. Therefore, always be aware of the people who are to your surroundings and where you put your hand!
How to Sharpen Your Knife?

To show you how to sharpen a knife I put a video from multiple ants site that I believe to be the most complete and easy to understand.

Good Adventures!