Dresses and Skirts for Winter Camping

People, I wanted to apologize for missing on the blog of you whenever I have some time I comment, but not always, the days are kind of corridos.. but soon I’ll be féria’s and there all normalized.

Women's Winter Dress

Well, let’s go to the post, which has everything to do with the date: winter officially began yesterday!And you know that I love dresses. I speak all the time, I might even be tiring to read this… ehehehe But I can’t, I can’t help but seek ways and tips to use them in the cold.

Today I will share with you some cool ways to wear strapless dresses and skirts (or shorts, or any other piece of summer) without going cold. For that, you need to bring the best friends dress in the cold(rs):coats, scarves, socks and boots.

When using the 4 (in a balanced way huh?!) so… There’s no one better: guarantee a look warm and beautiful!


Worth all kind of coat… the best for friozão are lined, heat up well! In addition, also worth overlap coats: over a fluffy cardigan, a leather jacket and so on.. just use the creativity.


Combining half+boot is already a classic! Is a great alternative to get out with the pipes outside, without going cold. I love those boots that are also forradinhas, let your legs so warm. And worth further combine a thick sock short barrel under the boot, to heat up even more.

Already about the legs, the ideal is to use the socks of grossso wire and, preferably, those of wool. A good tip is also putting the sock on top of a legging grossinho (I always do this), is a great alternative to warm up and also to prevent the itching in the legs which gives when using 2 stockings at the same time, one on top of another. hehe

Beyond them give a charm in the look, they help to heat up well! I love to wear scarves, but here in Rio hasn’t been cold enough to use all together.. eheheh But the hint!

You can see other tips of combinations that can be done in this post on strapless+coats, in this here on coats and jackets with belt and this one about cardigans.
So tip, giving the excuse that it’s too cold to use these parts, huh?