Dynamo Bicycle Lighting

This week we’ll show you some news that are booming in terms of lighting, especially for those who ride the night on the town or on trails.

We have prepared some cool tips on this subject and we’ll show you some interesting products, too. We found cool so tell a bit about the history of lighting systems, today so common in our lives of cyclists, before we show the most new and professional on the market.

As the bicycle lighting serves basically as a decoy so that pedestrians and other vehicles see our and us on the streets starving, in the old days, where ran high in the darker colors, easy to produce, such as black, gray, dark green, brown tones and other, lighting has become indispensable for this purpose, and it is clear that steps were taken at the end of the 19 century for accidents to be avoided.

If these colors are hard to be seen, that means a lot of danger for any cyclist, so around 1870 some models of oil-fired lanterns began circulating through Europe and later, about 20 years later the same gas used acetylene torches. There were light bulbs at the time but it was impossible to use them in the bike headlights, still had not so much technology as we have today and adapt the power to the speed it was utopia.

Systems such as Dynamo, which you can see in the pictures, were mandatory in Germany at the turn of the century, that is, the whole bike had to have a powerhouse that fueled an incandescent, and needless to say that this German law made the lighting market for bicycles grew up as ever and encourage manufacturers to improve the technology and seek out new alternatives to keep cyclists always visible on the streets. However, the most curious is that only last year that law changed there in the old continent, now allowing the use of battery-powered lighting sets and no longer solely by the Dynamo.

Here in Brazil, the market is still encouraged by the famous dynamos, sold and used. Most modern models it is possible to use the headlights and taillights even after the wheel (where the generator pulley is installed) stopped spinning, that thanks to adding batteries to accumulate the energy generated by the wheels during the cycling. The lighting is not strong, but the story that this accessory carries, there’s still a charm in cycling.

Today we have sets with high lighting power, rechargeable batteries and a lot of technology and creativity involved in the projects, and we’ll show you all the details for you this week, stay tuned.