Ecococoon Water Bottle Review

That is more than 6 months that we have tested the Australian novelty:

Cocoon Water Bottle

Cocoon, a perfect gourd!

Libby, the creator of Ecococoon, launched a new challenge after offering magnificent coloured all stainless steel glass (do you remember? ( Over here!): imagine a revolutionary concept in the world of the gourd…

A tip sport drip, do not pull with your fingers or teeth (thanks kids)!

Thus, one can drink directly from the tip without having to touch anything!
What could be more practical at home and output?

Our little Margaux from the top of its 3.5 years love having his gourd on her bedside table: it’s nice to drink before going to sleep without having to get up (and be re-Sunrise) to fill his glass…
Practical but also very reassuring for parents: the gourd will not leak, that’s for sure!
Because it is impossible that the gourd is not closed… because should not close it: we drink… we put the water bottle… and that’s!
I might even write one throws the gourd on the quilt, but it is not easy to find his gourd in the dark at night;o).

As for me, I appreciate it above all when travelling by car: great to be able to drink while driving and let his gourd… next self… it is not clear what position… without fear that there is a leak that soak the seat;o)

For our large, they had not had their water bottle to test it yet (me, I fell for the Little Dogmodel, ” but that’s too much Baby Mama!” ))
But I know that she will not disappoint them either: outputs, on the beach, school meetings… sure, there too I’ll be reassured: no leak in the bag and a fresh water…

Because the Waterbottlesshop has its importance: the water bottle is also insulated: his double-wall stainless steel vacuum keeps a cold water (or ice cubes add) up to 24 hours! As well, the double wall to isolate small hands who not to freeze or not to burn (so liquid hot). No worries also effect of condensation (impossible to see beading his gourd…).
Just like the HydroFlask we love many gourd!

But with the Cocoon, it is more colorful and design…
In short, I’m totally conquered by these gourds!

A note for the big thirsty…
Water flow may not be fast enough for some: me the first, great drinker of water, I was a little disappointed to find that the flow of water with the anti-leakage valve was slower when drinking directly from the bottle… But, to my surprise, silicone becomes softer after several use!