Enjoy Your Garden In Winter

Do you also think that the seasons melt together more and more? A harsh winter was already some years ago. Christmas 2015 was warmer than the Dutch King day on April 27, 2016. Summer began only in mid-August and in September, the weather was quite pleasant! Roofs and canopies are built more and more often and give the owner time wrong. Please read if you also want to know how you can extend the Roofage.

Sit dry and protected

Insofar as I can remember, we camped our garden furniture set earlier at home with my parents the end of August, beginning of September in the basement or in the garage. From Easter (assuming that the weather was beautiful then, until at Pentecost) stood outside the garden furniture. Nowadays, with covered terraces, allows you to keep your garden furniture all year round outside. It looks not only comfortable, but also throughout the year you can take advantage of your garden furniture set. We provide tips on what you can tell happy to warm even in winter.

1 patio heater

You want to enjoy in the winter also from your garden, then you do without actually a patio heater. There are patio heaters in various shapes and sizes. Gas and electric are the most popular. In the garden furniture Department in our Mega store and in our webshop you will find our different models.


Actually all our gas heaters are suitable as patio heater. If you put the heater in the middle of the terrace, the heating system have a range of approx. 50 m2. We discourage you to place a gas heating under a canopy or porch. A gas heater has a height of approximately 220 cm. In addition, you need additional 40-50 cm, so that the hot air in a safe manner can flow away.


An electric heater has a smaller range than a gas heater. Usually about 3 metres wide and 5 metres long. An electric heater glows. Please note that to hang the heater, that no one in the stove can come. Many people think that the energy consumption of electrical heating is huge. We always say that you can compare it with a beer per hour, about €2. Sweden fire is also wonderfully warm, but maybe a bit too cold for a cold winter. Read the post, we wrote recently about the Sweden fire.

  1. winter barbecue

Light the grill in the winter is not only cozy, you are very trendy and you are warm. The grill itself naturally gives off much heat and the meals you prepare on the grill are also hot. Breakfast in the definitely the inner man. Not all grills are suitable for a winter barbecue party. If your grill has a cover, you will learn little from the cold. The Internet you can find many recipes for the perfect winter barbecue. And did you know that you can prepare also mulled wine on a grill? The well-known brand of Grill, Weber, has been made by grilling in the winter, a verb: winter Webern. Soon, we write about winter grilling by the way, still a post.

  1. Plaid/fleece rug

In my house there are many Blanketsmaterial in different fabrics and colours. When it gets colder, I draw me a fleece rug over the legs. Comfortable and save heating costs. You can of course also outside use plaids and Blanketsmaterial. If it cools something that set a plaid over your legs so that she can feel the wind. In our assortment you will find very beautiful blankets can warm up.

  1. warm clothes

Happy to sit in the winter, of course starts with matching clothes. In colder circumstances, but even if I do sports, I am always thermal. A Thermohemd and a thermal trousers make a big difference. About the thermal you can wear then normal. Various layers of clothes are always good. Of course, you should not forget a warm jacket. But beware with long scarves and your jacket. Many jackets are highly flammable and a scarf can land in the grill.

Now, all the ‘ingredients’ are present, to use your garden in the winter. How do you enjoy from your garden in the winter?