Find The Best Gifts For The Holidays At Obelink

The holidays are coming back, and that means gift time. Children often have their wish list for Santa Claus already long finished and this label is sometimes more than one DIN A4. Believe me…

But what to buy your father, brother, or son, nothing like now? Or really not know what he should ask or maybe everything already has, what his heart desires. And you would not give daughter or girlfriend chocolate or a magazine for the umpteenth time in a row your mother?

It is also difficult to buy a gift for others. Of course, you want the person for which you choose a gift, to appreciate the gift and will use it.

Christmas Department

At Obelink, we think with our customers and therefore some gift ideas to suggest. Gifts for children, practical gifts, gifts for the active athlete and for those who make it home like extra comfy. Would you get now the Christmas atmosphere in the House or in the home have all things in any case for this? Then, take a look at the Christmas Department in our Mega store. When you enter our shop, you get almost immediately there. You will find here all kinds of Christmas accessories, such as Christmas trees, balls, lights, decorations, Christmas houses, but also beautiful article for the dark days, such as blankets and stoves.

5 great gift tips for children

1.Playmobil. Yes really! We sell in our Mega store Playmobil on the subject of camping.

2.Eine water bottle by ran! or sturgeon!

3.Stoer! Of ran! Folding chair

4.Kubb junior game, a Swedish Outdoorspiel, whose origins apparently after up to the time of the Vikings.

5.Lief! Lifestyle travel pillow. This is green, but it is also available in other colours.

5 cool tips for practical gifts

1.Waffeleisen with heart-shaped. Conquer the heart of your loved one (again)!

2.Weber BBQ apron, handy, but also trendy.

3.Champagnegläser. In our shop you will find even a champagne cooler to do so.

4.Wenn almost have: A sleeping bag and air mattress, like the INTEX Airbed 102 Luxe. It has a built-in pump, so how convenient it can be!

5.Ein picnic table: Handy for on the camping site, but also at home, when you have guests. Can be stored very compact. You can choose from different models. Both online and in our Mega store.

5 top gifts for the avid sportsman

1.Skisocken, such as the comfortable Skisokken of our House brand Karedi.

2.Wanderstöcke. She is there with us in different price categories. The Leki Eagle telescopic hiking poles are infinitely adjustable.

3.rucksack/back pack

4.TravelSafe travel towel Royal Blue. A Super absorbent towel, ideal for sporting activities. This towel is there in different colors and sizes.

5.Fahrradzubehör, such as elegant bike bags

5 beautiful gifts, make it cozy and comfortable

  1. Schöne lanterns with candles. You find these in Hall 2.0 in our Mega store.

2.Feuerkorb. Cut off in our garden furniture section, Hall 7.2.

3.Terrassenheizung, happy on your terrace mulled wine to drink a little drink.

4.Herrliches Plaid, as the Unique Living Justin gray plaid. This Plaid is available in different colors. Choose your favorite color!

5.raclette/BBQ for pleasant long evenings at the dining table. You can find different models in our Mega store, but also in our Web store, like the Tristar raclette RA-2995, a raclette Grill with cooking plate in one.

This is of course only a small selection of the gift options. Visit our Mega store or buy online. We are sure you will find something to suit your taste!

Can you make no choice? Then choose for the Obelink gift card. You have the choice of a gift card by email or gift card by mail. The gift card is available in various amounts. Starting from 10 EURO, you will have the perfect gift! And the nice thing is that the recipient of the gift card can redeem in our Megastore, as well as in our webshop!

But what you ultimately choose, keep the delivery time of the desired article in mind and order in a timely manner. You would not get there eventually empty-handed. We wish you lots of fun while shopping and one December warm and cozy and happy holidays!