First Aid Kit: Three Examples of Development

The importance of having a first aid kit in your equipment is indisputable. Although we already posted about how to assemble your kit (click here to see the post), this time we brought you three examples, where we explained how to assemble and acquire the materials of each of them.

We shot so a little tutorial about the various possibilities to mount in mirante do morro Paxixi, situated in the region of Camisão (MS).

Remember that we must make it clear that you must use of medications and dressings when has knowledge for this, because the lack of knowledge can generate damages the individual injured. Also please note that use of your kit when there’s no way to get professional help.

Follow the video below:

For those who can’t see the video, follows the content below (with a few additions and subtractions of contents):

When we take into account the need to protect ourselves against the minor injuries that occur in the camps and trails, we realize the importance of a first aid kit. How often do not know how to start our own kit (except those that buy ready) I’m going to suggest three different ways to mount them, each with your order of complexity (and price).

This is the first kit that I give you:

Done in a container found in any home, chose this place to store my kit. To choose the container we have to remember that this must be sturdy and safe, not to be open within the your backpack. To remedy such a risk I chose to seal it with duct tape. This kit can be assembled in any drugstore for less than twenty dollars, your composition is as follows:

A sticking plaster allergy microporo (does not cause pain in time to remove it); Six Atroveran tablets (For stomach pain); Four Dorflex tablets (for muscle pain); A gas Pack (dressings); Band-AIDS; An antiseptic (for cleaning of wounds).

Let’s go to the second composition:

This Kit comes ready and can be found in specialty stores for camping or even in some large drugstores. With an average price of 40 to 70 reais, these kits are very complete, with several features for many different situations:

The problem we have so many resources like this is that in time of emergency (if not properly trained) you might end up getting lost amid the tools and can even use the wrong item to the situation to your front. We have in this kit bandages, latex gloves, razors, suture needle, track, icy hot, pills in General, band-AIDS and many other items.

As a third example we have this mount:

This is a kit assembled from a kit, heavy duty container and malleable (if accommodates best in Backpack), having some partitions so that you can organize resources in an efficient manner. Costing about 30 to 50 reais to be mounted, this kit contains all of the items in the first and a few more additions:

One of the most important additions is the solution to make buttermilk powder, essential item in case of dehydration, sunstroke or intermação, because alleviating allergies and winning more time for the person who is in serious condition. Another item added very important is iodine (which works as an antiseptic) and the gauze, which is very useful for use in injuries like sprains and others.

Remember, just like the all-in-one kit (click here to see this post), the kit must meet their demands and keep your knowledge level about first aid and should only be used when there is no way to get professional help soon. If you have suggestions on how to set up a more effective or complete kit, please share your knowledge in the comments below. Those of you who want to send pictures of the kit that have forward these to the e-mail.