Fishing For Beginners

Camping and fishing combined well. Many campgrounds adjoining the water or are in any case close to the water. They then migrate away from the campsite and can cast your fishing tackle in the water almost immediately. Sit down comfortably on the water side, and wait until the fish bite and meanwhile enjoy the silence around you and the beautiful nature. Really, this is vacation! But, of course the fish won’t bite. We have put together a nine-point plan for you and if you take these points into consideration, then you start well prepared your fishing adventure.

  1. permission to make fishing: fishing licence

May fishing in Germany (and also in other countries), you need usually permission. At the municipal or city administration, you can apply for a fishing licence. Often, you must previously pass a Fischer exam (theory and practice). If you pass both, you can pick up your permit. But with ‘only’ this certificate you can not start yet, because in addition need still a fishing permit. You buy these at the fishing shop. This licence entitles you provided waters section your to go fishing choice. If you want to fish from abroad, then before contact. Not that you get a speeding ticket because you somewhere fishing, where it is not allowed.

  1. A fishing device

The most popular fishing equipment are the telescopic rods and the push rods. A telescopic rod is reasonably priced, but limits you a bit, in the sense that you can not simply cut off this fishing rods or extend while you fish. This is already possible with a push rod. If your Angel is longer, you can of course further contact from the shore.

  1. Finished fishing

Their equipment for the most part depends on your experience as an angler. Are new anglers, we recommend you to buy a finished fishing. Fishing in the water, then choose a sleek pose of 0.5 to 1 gram. Fishing in running water, then select a rounder model van 1-3 grams.

  1. Fish lure

If you are new anglers or you are already experienced, but fishing in water unknown for you, it is advisable to bring finished Groundbait, so to entice the fish to your fishing grounds.

  1. Basic food preparation

To prepare your Groundbait and to be kept, use the best a feed bucket. You create your basic food in the bucket, mix it with a little water and knead balls of it. Turn’s comparisons with meatballs.

  1. Good bait

You now know how you must lure the fish up, but really to catch the fish, a step is next. You need bait. Corn, bread, maggots and worms are good bait types. Be sure if you have grubs and worms, that you keep them in a container with air holes in the lid.

7 Disgorger to quickly resolve check

If you go fishing, you bring always a Disgorger. Hereby release the tick quickly and easily from the fish’s mouth. A Disgorger is very cheap and its price double and triple value. A Disgorger is a rod with a length of about 15 cm and CA 0.5 cm wide with a slit at the end.

8 Landing net

Scoop the fish out of the water with a landing net. In the Angel language that means ‘land’. At the time of purchase, note that the network is very fine enough. Not that you think the fish prey from the net.

9 Fishing Chair

Because often for hours spent on the water, a little SitzKomfort is already comfortable. You can spend money of course. But for less than 30 euros, there is already a fishing Chair, but you can buy also fish crates that easily cost 500 euros or more.

Fishing is an ideal activity while on vacation. It is relaxing, you are gorgeous outdoors and the surrounding area is beautiful. The pleasant fishing is that you can start with little money. Did you even get on the taste of fishing, then you can buy additional or higher quality accessories still more.

We are of course open for your tips in the fishing area. Hopefully want to share these with other anglers and us? As well as always, we wish you a good catch!