WHAT IS? It’s basically a tool for producing sparks. To make fire. A “stone” lighter that giant, atritada with a metal, produces a spark. BUT WHY HAVE ONE?

Flint can work in situations far more severe and detrimental to the operation of matches, lighters and other devices. In addition to being an accessory used by many lovers of nomadism adventurer, the Flint is a very important survival gear that can not miss in your kit. Even if you won’t use it because of the lack of “sympathy” for her, be sure to have her as an emergency item.


Basically the Flint as a few stones in antiquity. Mounts a nest of straw, dry leaves or other materials available from easy ignition and Sparks on it.


The Flint has basically a very hard rock called SILEX. It’s not like a big metal body, but it is a very hard rock that is composed of Opal and Caledonia very dark in tone. She owns the property to produce sparks when bogged down with the iron. This event is called “Pirômaco”. Magnesium can also be used for this purpose.                                                                                                                                   In simple words, a device that generates sparks in large quantities and proportions. The advantage is that in the most severe situations the equipment can continue to function even after being wet, for example. In this case should be scratched a few times to give off moisture.


The two biggest advantages of flint illustrated are the availability to use with just one hand and the thickness of the stone which is a lot more tired than the competitors. The metal is attached to the plastic body that is used to hold the Flint, whose stone is constantly expelled by an internal spring which allows the spark pressing equipment on a hard surface. Nevertheless, it can be “scratched” with an external metal, like a knife for example, but with an undesirable stone cylinder spring.

The external body of flint is made of black ABS plastic with the brand in high relief. The folding cover rock guard in rest position and protects the product that is packaged in a pillbox of fabric with strap to fasten the belt and velcro opening. In all, weighs about 75 g.


We will not here aim to inform the most experienced adventurers in relation to the use of flint and Yes those who seek the equipment as security item or seek certain habits and customs more nomads in their camps. In this scenario, in addition to using a hard base, like wood, for example, is expected to make a nest or pile of papers, dried wool or other inputs capable of catching fire with ease. If we take into account some amenities in this process, use dry cotton to initiate the call. He catches fire more easily before the sparks and can be mixed in small quantities by the straw. For that he keep the fire longer, use vaseline to “umidificá it” causing burn more slowly and the fire can take the rods and logs harder.