Food Tips For Trekking and Camping

In addition to the equipment a good adventurer must think on your power supply. Bring food may seem easy, but requires a good prior planning to avoid taking excessive weight in your Pack and also prevent you from going hungry. To make a table with the timetables of all the daily meals, the days that will last your adventure, and finally complete with meals as you wish. See an example below:

Now that we know how to plan, go here dining suggestions for camping and trekking.

Rice with sausage, bacon or beef jerky – rice is very easy to prepare. A tip to take just enough is to measure how much you eat and store in a ziplock bag. The Calabrian sausage, bacon and beef jerky can be used without refrigeration. The dry meat or Charqui require more time to prepare because it is necessary to remove the excess salt by boiling it two to three times (causing an excessive expense of water). The preparation time varies from 30 min to 1 hr.

Noodles or Cup Noodles-easy and quick to prepare. More recommended meal for dinner. Take several Cup Noodles can take up a lot of space, so the trick is to take one pot and the other you remove and haul in a ziplock bag. So you save on space and improves the Organization in his backpack. But remember to take the pot after the first meal, she will do the rest.

Canned-sardine and tuna are a good option. Especially to accompany the noodles or Cup Noodles. There are some prepared foods, such as beans, which are tasty. Remember to warm up food before consuming.

Freeze-dried food – What? Freeze drying is a process done with any type of food, where they are frozen and then subjected to high pressure, causing the water to pass from the solid to the gaseous state. In other words, it is a dehydration process of food, reducing your volume and weight. Increasing the period of validity for consumption. In Brazil there are numerous varieties of food options. To prepare a freeze-dried food simply put hot water.

Industrialized ready meals – in the market there is also the option of ready meals such as Beef Stroganoff, meat with potatoes and others. Very easy to prepare, just put in a water bath for about three minutes.

Natural foods-nothing better than fresh food. Catch a nice fish and prepare it in time is the best meal you can have an adventure. The only problem is the time spent to hunt or fish, preparing food and cooking.

Some tips:

As the first meal of a trekking or camping usually occurs some 6 hrs after leaving the comfort of home, you can take a frozen food, such as meat, chicken or whatever is practical.

Heating pad can store frozen food till 18 hrs. So for a one-day adventure with lunch and dinner, a small heating pad can assure a more sophisticated meal (although make sure space in the bag).

Make a test before you leave for your adventure. To see if your food is enough or exaggerated, a few days before your test menu with everything that you plan to take.

Divide the food among the participants of your adventure. Some ingredients are not required that two people take, like oil, salt, etc. So plan your friends what each will take.