Garmin Forerunner 620

Comparison with the Garmin Forerunner 620

Below I would like to briefly on the comparison of my forerunners 620 with the fenix 3 enter. Outside the fenix 3 only marginally thicker carries on as the very slim forerunner 620. She brings fenix however almost double on the scale, but always still very comfortable wearing weight. Wearing the fenix however with the metal bracelet that looks different. The fenix weighs more than the 4 x (186 g compared to 44 g of the forerunners). The display raises at the fenix 3 something later on, but very good readability in both.

From the functionality produced 3 is the forerunner 620 in principle fully integrated into the fenix. All specific course features such as running dynamics, V0₂max estimation, recovery counselor or virtual partner, is it also in the fenix 3 again. In addition, she has fenix 3, opposite the pure running clock, but about lots of other functions, as described further up already in detail.

The fenix 3 is a new version of the HRM-run chest belt. In direct comparison with the old belt, which was supplied with the forerunner 620 you can see on the photos clearly the differences in construction. With regard to the accuracy, I noticed now no major deviations. The new belt is, however, much more comfortable, anyway can I no longer complain about chafing at the breastbone.


As already mentioned, is the fenix 3 already close to my idea of the egg-laying wool milk sow under the multisport GPS watches it. The functionality is top-notch, the design for everyday use, and the clock extremely robust. I could, despite initial fears and usage to determine yet not a single scratch on the glass or the bezel of stainless steel in harsh environments. Especially I guess 3 at the fenix the personalizable profiles. So, on my personal preferences, I can set the watch for every kind of sports.
Who does still occasionally other sports besides running, how about swimming, cycling or hiking, for which is the fenix 3 as created. An alternative by Garmin is still the forerunner 920XT or the brand new EPIX, offering more or less the same functions, but by far 3 offer not the case elegant, suitable for everyday use as the fenix.

Price (MSRP) between 449 and 599 euros, is certainly not a bargain, fenix 3 measured on the feature set, but worth every penny. By me, there are therefore, despite some small bugs, a clear buy recommendation!

The fenix is available 3 among the mountain enthusiasts or somewhat cheaper provider.