Glorious Nights At The Campsite

Okay, the title is perhaps a bit suggestive but we discuss important things. Sleeping on the campsite and then especially good sleep. Because when you are a few weeks from home or even just a few days, you have to live with less comfort, especially if you go to the campsite. But even there you want to spend the next pleasant or? Not drag with of course your box spring or water bed to the campsite, but you need to return home anyway, not with a broken back.

We wrote about sleeping bags ever. To complete your sleeping gear, below at a glance what is available on the area of sleeping mats and mattresses and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different sleeping mats. Of course we do, to let you make the best choice, if it to sleep on the campsite arrives.


Air mattress, foam mat or self inflating mattress

There are 3 types of mats that we all be explain. The choice for a certain mat depends also how hard or easy you want to travel. Then a ‘normal’ Airbed you travel with a backpack or go by bike or motorbike, is rather impractical, because it is relatively hard and also you must take a pump. Actually, two things must be decisive for your choice: the mat should be comfortable and provide you with insulation. We list the advantages and disadvantages for you.

Air mattress

An air mattress or air bed is a mattress that is filled with air and in General has been processed with an upper class. An air mattress is divided into a number of zones. You can imagine that if there would be no zones, one has a large area and it puffs up the air mattress. The zones make more stable and more comfortable the mattress. This brings us to the biggest advantage of an air mattress: the comfort. You lie on it comfortably, not directly on the ground, but slightly higher. An air mattress isolated but bad, because the Kuft in the air mattress can be cold, resulting in that it will give you maybe too cold. As a guest bed in your home it is no problem, but on the campsite may already have.

Advantages and disadvantages of an air mattress

+ Comfortable

+ Many opportunities (1 – / 2-person, with or without cushions, various lengths)

+ Price

+ Hygiene

-Often difficult

-Bad isolation

-Inflating costs relatively much time

-Pump necessary

-Can quickly get a leak in careless use

Foam mat

A foam mat to buy not to sleep on it royally, but to travel with light luggage and to get a good insulation. A few times I made backpacking and I had at that time a foam mat, so a such as the Bo-camp sleeping mat PE duo. Very handy! This kind of closed cell foam mats contains many small closed air bubbles in the foam. Thus, there is still air in the mat and thus optimum insulation-as opposed to an air mattress.

Advantages and disadvantages of a foam mat

+ Price

+ No leak can get

+ Very long service life

+ Weight

-Will quickly dirty


-Not very comfortable

Self inflating mattress (Selfinflating mat)

A self inflating mattress or Selfinflating mat is, as the name suggests, a mat that, if you roll it out, even with air fills. This is due to the presence of a foam core, which, as soon as you open the valve, air intakes. No hassle with a pump, and at the same time offers the foam core insulation. As well as in an air mattress, there are many ways for a self-inflating mattress. Think of different widths, lengths and thicknesses. Self-inflating mats are available in thicknesses of about 2,5 up to even 10 cm. The rule of thumb is that the thicker you can learn the mat, the more comfort. Would you travel light, then need not necessarily to choose a foam mat, but can you also a thinner self inflating mattress opt for. You roll these ‘small’, but the good insulation is maintained. In comparison you must expect into a self-inflating mattress by thickness of 10 cm, but that comfort is a little low.

Advantages and disadvantages of a self-inflating mattress

+ Comfort

+ Good insulation

+ Compact, can small be wrapped

+ User friendly

+ Relatively easy (compared to an air mattress)

+ No pump needed


-Can quickly get a leak in careless use

What sleeping mat you ultimately choose, of course depends on what kind of holiday you prefer. Like to travel with light luggage, then a classic – and heavy – air mattress is not a good choice for you. Wish you comfort, then expect more weight with a larger pack size. Budget and taste of course also play a role. If you opt for an Airbed or self inflating mattress, you take with you a repair kit. If you indeed have the misfortune that is located under your tent a sharp object, then the chance is there, that you have a leak…

My personal favorite is the Eastrock SI 10 XL comfort mat. This mat has a good insulation value and the material is high quality. It is a nice addition that the SI is also still very sharp breakers 10 XL with a price of € 69,.

What are you based your choice or what do you think, what is convenient or suitable? Share your opinion with us. Help certainly other Cafetier!