Hammocks, Otherwise Camping

There are many methods more comfortable sleeping than these hanging beds. Image gallery.

A hammock in a garden is synonymous with comfort. This reasoning moved easily to the campsite, since having a portable packaged in the backpack or in a car bed is usually a good way to improvise a point where to rest.

In fact, the origin of this element is the jungle, sleep on the floor not only where is uncomfortable, but very dangerous. That is why that the natives of Central America used fishing nets to set up camp and spend the night.

Modern hammocks

The Europeans who arrived in the early 16th century took the idea and used it mostly in boats, hammocks sway to the rhythm of the boat and in relatively calm waters it tends to be a very good night’s sleep for all sailor.

The appearance of new synthetic and technical fabrics binding allowed the hammocks are adapted to the 21st century, so they can withstand greater weight and make them more strong to use wear.

These products are generally manufactured in nylon, since the resistance of this material is significant and greatly helps to support the weight of two people. In addition, being an artificial polymer, becomes soiled less than common fabric and tends to be easier to clean.