Hiking In The Fall

Have you experienced also a magnificent summer? Beautiful outside be Grill light, feet in the water. Those days are unfortunately over… The pool is cleaned up, the short shorts and skirts lie behind some weeks ago is in the closet and the time of the long sleeves. I’m staring out the window. It is grey, gloomy and it drizzles. I must still get used, but on the other hand, that is, what love about our country: the seasons. Each season has something nice, don’t you think also? Now it is autumn, but that doesn’t mean that you should stay inside during the heating. No, gehw out!

Pleasant hiking clothes

Often, the first days of autumn are quite pleasant, this year it was the case. A hot, but low sun, orange-red sky. Even when the weather is cold and uncomfortable, you can enjoy the outdoors but at least you can dress warm. In our Mega store, my colleagues have nice issued the new autumn collection in the sports / Outdoorabteilung. And they have great bought, wow! Beautiful warm sweaters, soft fleece vests, practical soft shells and really the most convenient and most beautiful coats. Also, you will find plenty of hats, caps and warm boots.

You can find various outdoor articles in our Web shop, but the mega store selection is even greater. Read as you wander pleasantly, by the way, in a blog article, we wrote earlier.

Lovely walks

Comfortable clothing is important, but good shoes should be really at the top of your priority list. If you wear good shoes, your feet are supported properly. In this way walk pleasant and also comfortable! We have different types of hiking boots in our range. From light-weight hiking boots up to special hiking boots, facilitate walking on hilly terrain.

Of course, we have hiking shoes for ladies and gentlemen, for narrow and wide feet. There are shoes in different price categories. At Obelink, you buy your walking shoes according to your request, due to your feet and your budget. Hiking boots can be ordered online from us. Would feel but before the hiking boots, smell and try on, then come to our Mega store. There, you can fit hiking boots quietly, so that you make the right choice now.

Fußscan by specialists

If you visit our Mega store to buy hiking boots, you can analyze then your feet on the basis of the Footscans. My colleagues of the sports / outdoor Department can analyze your feet so that you get the best shoe advice for your hiking purpose. Of course you can try out then immediately the appropriate shoe.

Enjoy the outdoors

The nature is really at its best this time of year. The tree leaves have the most fantastic colors. Especially the defection of colours is gorgeous. And because the Sun in this part of the year is already quite low, the light in case is very special. Autumn is mushroom time. Fungi stimulate the imagination, especially in children. See the toadstools and mushrooms with them. And hey, don’t forget to take pictures!

How go out actually in the autumn?