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All Extreme Sports Lover You Ever Heard About The Vibram Soles. Are Great, Especially For Anyone Who Performs Outdoor Climbing, By Allowing A Greater Grip On Surfaces. Actually, Is A Distinguished And Sole That Allows For The Practice Of Extreme Activities In A More Suitable And Comfortable. If You Want To Know A Little More About The History Of Vibrate And Their Advantages, Keep Watching The Post!

Differential of the vibram soles

Vibram is composed of a rubber sole that has high quality, in addition to providing an enviable performance for

Hit the Road

those people who wish to climb or run into mountains, perform trekking or simply acquire a footwear with vibram technology for outdoor activities. The sole has high resistance and has three principles that makes itdifferent from competitors:

-Ensures the best performance;

-Maximum comfort;

-Long-lasting Quality.

So that these goals are achieved, the Italian company vibram manufacturer submits the soles to strict quality tests, both in the laboratory as in the field, all performed by Vibram Tester Team.

Origin of the vibram soles

The Vibrate is an Italian company, which carries out the process of manufacture ofsoles in Brazil, China, Italy and United States.

The your story began in 1935, when 19 friends climbers tried to climb a mountain of 3305 metres high between Italy and Switzerland, called Punta Rasica. The climbers took only hemp shoes, which slipped a lot. They didn’t expect that a storm wason the way.

As they were without the possibility to upload the rest of the mountain and joiningwith the cold spot, seven climbers unfortunately died of hypothermia.

After this tragic episode, one of the climbers, Vitale Bramani, sought solutions to the soles of the shoes, what made you think about the grip that the tyres of cars owned in adverse conditions. Why not carry that idea for the shoes? Thus was born the story of Vibrate.

Soles made of rubber from the vulcanization technique is totally different from those of formerly radical activities, as used to land frozen carnations boots or shoes from hemp to climb on rocks, alternatives that presented limitations.

Vibram Five Fingers

The company produced a different shoes, using a very interesting concept, quite simple and innovative. Using the rubber soles, Vibram Five Fingers corresponds to the glove for the feet, which aims to improve and rectify the STOMP, while strengthening muscles and tendons of the lower leg and thigh region. Listing here some features and advantages of this footwear:

Improves the amplitude of movements;

Allows the body and the foot to move naturally;

Visual stripped, easy to use, as well as being comfortable and with various uses;

Especially designed to ensure adhesion in water sports, jogging, fitness, hiking, travel and urban use.

Today the brand is synonymous with quality Vibram and ensures optimum performance, especially for the outdoors community. Design templates for sports use, officer, industrial, military and casual, being used by over 1000 manufacturers of footwear.

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