Horizontal Box (Gas) Two Mouths

The model is basically like two stoves a mouth glued to one another. Although it seems interesting, it doesn’t share the same gas cartridge, which could make it slightly smaller than the current “double” the size and serve two pots with a single fuel source. In General, we can evaluate the product as disadvantageous, since it will be easier to have two stoves of a mouth and arrange them next to each other when necessary and being able to separate them when convenient. In addition, the following characteristics are similar.

Template is indicated for campers who enjoy camping with more luxury, the so-called family camp.

The stove is of type “box” with good balance about the support that can be either on the ground, as in a table or counter. In addition to swing and have no danger of falling, still has a good area for the support of his own pot. Its main feature is even the gas cartridge (CAMPGAS) built that has quick fit system and can be disconnected without the cartridge is empty. It has the same format as the conventional spray and stays in the lateral compartment.

The model has very precise and ergométricos regulators and spark button who needs no matches or lighter. The mouth is conventional and requires bulkhead next to the stove in windy locations.

Some models have the dual gas inlet. This means that the stove works both on the gas cartridge, as in conventional gas canister which ensures flexibility in the choice of a cheaper fuel, when the weight/portability factor is not the most important.

There are several brands of this type of stove on the market. Weighs on average 3 kg to 4 kg and measures about 70 cm x 26 cm x 7 cm (h). Some come with case to guard and transport and spends of 150 to 180 g/h of each gas burner.