How Do I Get For a Longer Life Of My Awning?

Soon, many campgrounds re-open your doors. Look forward also to the camping season? And you have again brought out your tent? Perhaps have you bought a new tent and you can’t wait until you can finally use it. A tent is a big purchase, of course, but if you really deal with the tent, you can enjoy your tent very long. But how you make sure that you can enjoy the tent as long as possible? We give you some tips.

A good preparation

Last year we titled tents already various articles dedicated, among other things an article concerning the definition of the working masses and preparation before you start building. Have you bought just a new tent, then I assume that you have found the right circulation level. Read this article again, then you are prepared in this context already just fine on the camping season.

Properly stake out tent

You stake out your tent in the right way, then keep your much longer than a tent that has been constructed with less care and attention. It is really important that you stake out your tent in the right way, because a tent that’s been rigged incorrectly wears out much faster. At bad (or less) wrinkles in the canvas, and also in the Windows guyed tents and there accumulates dirt, which has resulted in that the substance may be broken. It is also important to relax your tent at the bottom at the zip crosswise, so not too much tension on the zippers (min. 5:30). If, by the way, the circulation measure of your awning is not right, then can never tightly clamp down the tent. A tent that well was drilled out, ‘is’ simply much nicer and feels more comfortable in the temporary accommodation. What I find very handy, is a rod clamp, such as the Hercules twin. This helps you, very simple and easy to clamp the pushrod. This linkage clamp works as a sort of lever, so even if you are not so strong, then release you the rod without all too much trouble off. Only once relax enough usually don’t. I recommend you regularly to check whether is bracing in order. This is not the case, you then adjust the wires. We advise our customers always in width to harness off and then in the depth. Start at the bottom at the side of the Caravan and then proceed with the front corners. Proceed then actually in the shape of a rectangle. See also my previous blog post in which I explain how to best build your tent.

Attach extra rods

Awnings of our House brand hyper camp with a depth up to 300 cm contain a linkage with 5 roof bars from size 11. The smaller sizes have 3 roof bars. Tents, which are 350 cm-deep, have starting from size 7 5 roof poles. If your tent throughout the season, built during a large part of the season or all year, I strongly to use extra poles will recommend. You might be wondering why these rods included are included already om? The reason for this is that we have found that many people have extra poles (an old awning) and use these rods to strengthen the linkage. No longer do you have these bars? No stress for a small amount, you can already buy these bars. The rods will save you a lot of trouble. For all awnings made of PVC and ten Cate all season (World Cup 19 roof and walls WR 18), we recommend the following:

Before tent size 2 to 10

At least two extra roof poles or minimally two first bow and minimally two storm supports.

Before tent size 11 to 14

At least four additional storm supports.

Before tent size 15-20

Minimum four additional roof poles and minimally four extra hurricane-post.

Also for travel tents we recommend above, because it can too much rain in two weeks vacation, which your tent needs additional roof poles and storm supports. The focus is on minimum. As regards the diameter: which should match with the the your awning rods.

Clean canvas

Stake out the tent in the right ways, is so important, but also the way in which you deal with the canvas, is of great importance. But certainly also, you want to keep your tent in good condition? Dan go ahead as follows. Rinse the outside of the tent with water. You can use a soft brush. Use absolutely no SOAP or other cleaning agents, as these damage the impregnation. I recommend our customers to clean the outside of the tent a few times during the season. With the Windows, proceed in the same way. Best once a week, clean the inside of the tent because you take sand and dust quickly into the tent and thus can weather the canvas.

Customers often ask us what they should do if their circulation size is exactly in the middle of two sizes. My colleagues and I always recommend that you take the smaller size, under the condition that the Caravan is not turned up. You better have a tent that is too narrow, but that you can relax tight as a tent, which is too large and which can not be mounted.

I wish you a beautiful Camingsaison! Take these tips to heart, then do right in principle, to keep your tent in good condition as long as possible. How do you maintain your awning actually?