How Do You Rebuild Your Awning?

Practice makes perfect. The same applies to cycling, swimming, but also build of an awning. You need but to reinvent the wheel. We help you step by step through the instructions. A few weeks ago, we wrote already a blog article, in which we explained how you can determine the right level of circulating your caravan and what you need to know to ensure a long life for your awning. Again, peruse these blogs so that you are sure that you are completely ready to set up your tent and enjoy the camping life.

Preparation for the construction

We recommend all our customers to build the tent temporarily. Then, you can check the tent, poles and accessories for completeness. If anything is missing, then we can forward yet the missing parts. First set the caravan just surface completely horizontally on one, so that you can stake out the tent as optimally as possible. To avoid that your awning gets dirty, it is advisable to use a plastic foil, which you can put up the tent. To prevent tearing, we recommend that you remove any burrs and sharp edges on the caravan rail.

In 8 steps

  1. pull the awning after you have removed all front and side panels by the caravan rail. It is advisable that twosome to do: one person pulls the tent piping in the rail after, the second person pulls the tent through the rail. Then secure the anchoring points left and right at the same height.
  1. proceed now with the linkage. Provide the scaffolding poles and components according to the pole plan in place before the caravan. Should you still not done before this have, then bring the tube clamp and mount the corner pieces in the corners: caution: do not put together yet the whole.
  1. If you are using SHS clips, they fit then now at the correct height.
  1. set the middle part of the rod diagonally under the tent and attach the Middle roof pole with a hook to the tent eyelet. Connect the Middle roof pole with the middle part. Take the left corner, then sliding this first on the centerpiece, install the corner to the right place and do something weird inside the stand. Hake now, as well as the centre piece, the roof poles with a hook on the tent eyelet and connect them to the corner. Attach the other corner, in the same way. (Have an awning with a depth of 350 cm, now make up the linkage of the stem.)
  1. now attach the front and side parts and close the zipper.
  1. then attach the Dachuberstandsstangen. This range so far apart that the front tubes on the inner side touching just the canvas of the front wall. Place the stand on such height, that the anchor points anywhere as far above the ground hanging afterwards. Now range from the front in the width and eighth that penetrates the middle piece right in the middle of the opening (have an awning with a depth of 350 cm, range then the stem and then the base rod in width). After you have well stretched the front wall in width, clamp the roof poles in the depth.
  1. now you start with the bracing Kit. Use the pegs and Guy head. Start at the two anchor points back to the trailer and then at the two front corners. Make sure that the walls are completely in a straight line.
  1. Once you have anchored the tent, pull the wind Panel and the cover by the rail and fold the lazy strips inside. Finally, you hang the curtains.

You are now ready for tent holidays! If you like to figuratively would imagine it, you watch then this instruction video:

Build your tent in a different way? Or maybe have tips to facilitate one of the mentioned steps? Tell us about it. Our readers will certainly enjoy.