How Do You Spend The Time On The Campsite?

Drive this year for the first time to the campsite? The/you made with perhaps lured by friends or acquaintances or your spouse / your wife, from childhood to have camping. Have fun anyway! Perhaps have you prepared already mentally on the stay at the camping site and know what you usually do. Have still no idea, then read on!

Be actively engaged

Of course you can get in front of your tent or spend your caravan to sit down and drink throughout the day with food and beer or wine, but honestly, you can at home also! Of course, you want to relax after a year of hard work or hard studying, but to just lie down, sit, or hang, that bore quickly. Become active and play a game of badminton. Ideal to make dinner, when the wind is up. Buy yourself a good set of already included power at the price of € 14.95.

Trendy waterfront

They hope also posited on good weather during your holiday. Swimwear is then essential in your holiday. This bathing suit, this Bikini or swimsuit from last year really can’t do then check the current collection and see whether this is something that suits you. In our Mega store, the selection is way much larger. So you have no excuse to go 😉 to ‘old fashioned’ bath. Snorkeling is also fun. I myself am no large water rat, but my boys already. Ask yourself what living all under water, then also a snorkel gear Pack.

With the boat out

Also if you want to take out a boat, swimwear is ideal. For your own safety, but certainly for the safety of small children a life jacket is recommended. Maybe you can rent a boat or canoe from the campsite, but you can take also one from home. We have really great boats and kayaks in our range. We take our inflatable boat on holiday. Fun is guaranteed! Please keep in mind that the paddles are not included with most boats and kayaks in our range.

Peace in the holiday

Somewhat less active, but hey, you are not free holiday or? Often there are even fish water at or in the vicinity of the campsite. Question first to have if fishing is allowed, or make sure you have permission or a fish permission (or a foreign version, if you go abroad). In our Mega store, we felt that fishing is a very popular pastime. The Department of fishing in our Mega store has become within several years from nothing to a fully fledged Department. The beauty is that you can start very simply: a fishing rod and accessories such as fishing line, floats and hooks and possibly maggots. A landing net is nice, but if you time fishing only on holiday, then it’s not worth maybe.

Explore the area

Campsites are usually not in the town center, but often in the middle of the nature. Then, it’s as great to explore the surroundings. On foot or by bike. About pleasant hike we ever wrote. Of course you find everything necessary at us such as hiking boots and walking sticks. Further away, you get with the bike. This take from home or at the campsite, rent. Have little storage space for bicycles, then think of a folding bike.

Collect all balls

Recently, I have already mentioned what we do with the kids. Also getting some balls are packed with us. You will be placed first in the car… There are then still storage space, then the folding Gates be taken also. In this way, it is very easy to make friends at the campsite…

Well, enough activities or? And these are just some of the possibilities. And if you’re so active all day, you deserve good beer or wine in the evening.