How Much Does a Litter Tent?

Be seen in the example of the litter tent: practically must be not always equal expensive. To the question “What is a litter tent?” can be of course no blanket answer. There are smaller pitch tents around 25 euros. But sometimes, for a larger and very high quality tent, you can pay 150 to 250 euros. Average good are very good pitch tents around 70 to 200 euro. It’s always, which manufacturer the tent is, how it is processed, what additional features it offers, it has the water column and how much space it offers.
Fundamentally, 1-people pitch tents are usually cheaper than to do then but mostly something with the inserted material 3-people pitch tents, which has.

Factors that affect the price of a litter tent

  • The size – how many will fit?
    Before you buy the litter tent, you definitely should know how many it should accommodate people with luggage. In case of doubt, “one size larger” is always better than having to squeeze for days in a too tight interior. No fun then and you tease you only for the sale of your tent. You should also watch the so-called pack size. It shows how big is the tent when packed together. If you want to transport the tent on a bike or on the back, the pack size should be of course not as large.
  • Waterproof and wind resistant – how high is the water column?
    The waterproof a tent is rendered in the specification of the water column. According to DIN legislation applies a water column from 1,500 as waterproof. Learn more about the water column here. When the litter tent should be so watertight, the water column shall be minimum 1,500.Our recommendation to do so is that the water column should be preferably higher slowly reducing the value due to multiple use.
  • Additional facilities and comfort
    Whatever an additional equipment of the tent is great and comfortable. Small bags, for example, provide more order into the tent. Whatever the awnings are equipped also with a tent floor at best are practical. So you can get the tent also when it rains for the ventilation open, unless it gets wet in a tent or in the vestibule. Some high-quality litter tents are equipped with an interior light.
  • Reviews other customers
    When choosing the right throw tent empofehlen we always glimpse in the reviews of other customers. In our Litter tent overview summarizes whatever positive and negative characteristics of a tent, which were described by other customers within the detail descriptions. Such customer descriptions are often somewhat more revealing than mere product descriptions.

As an outdoor professional you will expect demanding hardly get the absolute top tent for less than 50 euros. On the other hand, it is not always necessary to go for a super expensive tent. For festivals and short events, there are already great and steady pitch tents under 100 euros. For 2, 3 or 4 persons and a good waterproof and resistance of the tent, you should include up to 200 euro.

Our Tip: The best litter tent 2015

The litter tent best rated by us for the year 2015 is incidentally Quechua litter tent 2 seconds XL air, which impresses not only visually, but brings also a high reliability, super processing, and enough room for 2 persons with luggage.

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