How to Build a BBQ Grill from Bricks

The Barbecue Is An Important Piece Of a Garden Or a Terrace. You Want to Build You a? The Simplest: Build a BBQ All Brick.

How to Build a BBQ Grill from Bricks

The barbecue is an important piece of a garden or a terrace. You want to build you a? The simplest: build a BBQ all brick. Here are the steps to follow to achieve your masterpiece.

Some necessary preparations

First, you must determine the dimensions of your barbecue (or BBQ according to abbreviationfinder). To do so, have a few bricks on the ground, making a rectangle. Then try to estimate the number of bricks it takes based on the provided dimensions. Don’t forget to take into account the height of the barbecue. The next time you prepare is to build a solid foundation for the barbecue. It is preferable to opt for a cement slab in flowing cement deep enough. Otherwise, you can use self-locking slabs, without forgetting to seal them.

The stage of the bricks

Now you can have the bricks by a ‘U’ up to the height desired. Plan a small shift of a row on two for the cutting of bricks. Using a chisel and Mallet, now move on to the cutting of bricks, taking care to mark in the place provided for it. Once this step is completed, you can seal your bricks with mortar. Remember to arrange a layer of mortar with every brick laying on the other. Also remove excess mortar before it dries.

Build the home table and grid support

Depending on the height of your barbecue, horizontally have a Panel in wood between bricks. Make sure it touches the last row. Then, you can place the wire mesh, in a way that it rests on the bricks, before pouring the mortar on top. You just make the grid support. To do this, you have the choice between shift a few bricks or seal metal legs in the mortar. Here, your brick barbecue is complete, you can light the fire and start grilling.