How To Build The Best Sand Castle?

Who has not ever done this? Build sand castles. Manufacture from almost nothing, something beautiful. Great! And everybody can participate, young and old. Every child knows that you need sand and water to build a sand Castle. Water ensures that the sand “stick”, and not breaking down your building. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam showed that the optimal amount of water needs should be only a few percent. If you have the correct ratio of sand and water, you can building by five meter high building. If you build with your kids, you don’t think naturally about the perfect relationship, but it is just for fun.

What do you need to build a sand Castle?

The basic requirement is as I already said: sand and water. Hereby you can start with the building, but to a little spice up your Castle, it’s also nice that you can make forms. You can take everything: large bucket, small cans, containers, household tools, a shovel, color Ruhr rod, a putty knife, knife, spoon, and preferably many hands. Because many hands make an end easily.

Draw the Castle

It is of course not strictly necessary, but if you want to proceed like a Pro, drawing then where exactly the Sandburg to come. Where is the input, for example? You have a plan, then your know helper also know is what to do and where they dig have to.


Okay, now the real work begins: ditch. Shoveling sand outside your winning ‘plan’ within the lines of your drawing and make a big pile. The mountain is slightly higher than first floor of your Castle will be (you do not true but a castle with several storeys?). From the you be cut off eventually but already a large part of this mountain…

Crush and smoothing

They hold the shovel still in your hand, but you use it now in a different way, namely with the rear. This kinda compress the sand pile and to form walls. The walls slightly higher than the center of the pile make so that you form a kind of shell, which can save water. With squeeze continue, until you have reached the desired height.

Pour and then jump

Pour some bucket with water in the middle of the pile, so that they produce a kind of puddle and pour evenly to the inside around, so that there are no weak points. And jump! When the water lowers, add more sand and water and jump further, until the middle of the pile is as high as the sides.


Place a large bucket without a bottom (first must cut out yet), on the pile. Fill three-quarters of the bucket with sand. Pour water in, climb into it and stomp. That you can make from your children. Knock around against the side of the bucket with a small bar, so that the air can escape. Repeat this process until the bucket is full, and lift then the bucket up.

Create forms

You can create great towers with small buckets. You must fill it only with damp sand. First fill the bucket with some more sand than actually fit in the bucket and then smooth the sand. Place the bucket in the desired position on your head and raise the bucket. If you have buckets in different sizes, you can make course sizes of towers. If you do so, you come to a beautiful castle with your children. You want to but make really nice Castle, then proceed with cutting.


Once the basic shape of the castle is ready, take more specialized tool at hand, for example, to just the pages or add Windows and doors. Because the sand is weighed together with the water, he will keep its shape well.

Make straight walls

To make the walls, it works best if you from the top down, in a downward motion so and with a spatula or color tube Rod cut into the sides and remove the sand. To compensate for the walls and the corners to make it straight, you do the same on all four sides. Smoother and more straightforward the walls are ever true to look your Castle.

Make tabs

Slide the spatula or the color tube Rod over the roof to make it flat. Keep the spatula slightly bias and cut in the sand in a quasi saw movement. If you have blazed a trail into the depths of the castle with de spatula, cut away the excess sand, pulling the spatula straight down.

Draw window

Yes, you are now almost a pro. You will now draw the window with a (plastic) knife. Or with a spatula and cut then into the window where you remove the extra sand. Use the rounded edge of the knife to make the corners of the window. Image Watch window with a melon spoon or with measurement spoons. Blow away the excess with a straw.

Doorways connect

Draw the shape with a spatula or knife. Cut the sand, as you did at the Windows. If you want to make a double door common for a castle, then draw a second arc flighty in the outer opening. Cut away the sand. Make smooth the wall by pulling down a (plastic) blade along the back of the door. Finished? Don’t forget to take photos of your sand Castle, before the tide comes.

Granted, if you follow these steps, sand Castle is unique in that you but overdone is already a bit. But, I’m curious. How to build your sand Castle?