How to Buy a Tent For Camping

Who ever had the opportunity to camp, probably realized that this activity can be enjoyable and relaxing when it goes well, but can also be very stressful when it goes wrong. It is important to be prepared, to acquire the right equipment, maps and references of the place that will be visited, foods, insect repellents and, most important: how to buy a tent for camping .

In this post we will give some tips on how to buy the perfect tent to ensure the comfort and safety of your trip!

First steps

The starting point for buying camping tent is having in mind what are the conditions of use of this equipment. For example: what is the type of terrain where you intend to camp? Will be in campsites that have certain structure or in an open location? The site chosen venta or it rains a lot? Its use will be sporadic or regular? You will need to charge it for long distances? How many people will sleep in the tent? You will need to keep backpacks, shoes and other belongings inside the tent? Answering these questions will help you find the tent with best cost-benefit to your situation.

Types of tent

Three stations

Is the best selling model in Brazil. Designed to be used in the spring, summer and autumn, this type of tent is suitable for most operating conditions of climate and soil. She normally is lightweight, compact and sturdy enough to withstand rain, wind, cold, Sun and other conditions that are not extreme.

Four seasons

These tents are heavier and guys. However, are designed to withstand the most aggressive climatic conditions, such as strong winds and even snow.

Tents for mountains

The tents to resist the mountains more extreme climatic conditions, the most suitable for areas with severe and dangerous conditions, as places with snow.

Summer tents

Summer tents are lightweight and vented, however do not stand up to rain or slightly cooler nights.

Weight and Measures

Tents can vary greatly, and it is important to think of how many people will be sheltered and if she has to be loaded for very long distances. The weight can vary from 0.5 Kg to 10 Kg, depending on the size, material and how many people the tent can accommodate.

It is important to check the measurements of the tent and wondering if you will use the space to store backpacks, equipment or other belongings. Typically, manufacturers indicate how many people can fit in the tent, but do not consider the space required to store the belongings.

An eye on details

Check the durability and quality of equipment. In General, the frames are aluminum, as are light, sturdy and does not corrode when wet. The fabric more used nowadays is the nylon, and the tent zippers should also be very resistant.

Also make sure that the seam of the tent, mostly in corners and folds, and find out if she is sealed or if you need to apply a silicone sealant. The floor of the tent should be waterproof and details like pockets and internal brackets are also positives.

Now just choose the best tent for your destination and leave for the next adventure! Like the tips on how to buy campingtent? Then subscribe to our newsletter and receive our content in your email with exclusive!