How to Choose a Good Place to Camp?

Whether in a leisure or survival situation, find a good place to set up your camp is one of the most important decisions to be taken. Today I bring you some tips to help you in this process.

If you still don’t have a place to camp, it’s worth checking our video where we explain how best to find a farm or Ranch and get permission to camp in it.

If you already solved this part, let’s go to our video of the week!

In addition to these tips shared in the video, here are a few more:

As well as the slopes, the top of hills generally have high winds! If you’re camping in the crest of a high be sure to secure your tent/network well and be careful if you’re going to do fire;

Be sure to leave your fire away from the tent, you don’t want sparks flying for a fragile and flammable fabric;

Keep your field at least 50 meters away from the river bank, you never know how much they can climb in case of heavy rain;

Build your shithole that way well made and at least 150 meters away from your camp and always bury feces and/or urine, otherwise the smell can attract animals;

If possible, enclose the field your size using any wires as sisal or similar, that will help you manage the available space;

Clean all the foliage or debris all over the place of residence, in addition to preventing fires you also avoid the risk of being bitten by insects like Scorpions or spiders.

Fact is that the tips are numerous, but here we address the most basic points you need to know not to get into trouble. You know more tips? Put it here in the comments to enrich this text!