How to Choose a Sports Bra?

I have asked several times on Twitter (@cristinamitre), and through your comments in the blog, that I would make a post about Sports Bras.

Voila, here you have it! Many times I don’t have time to reply to all your messages, but is that my life 2.0 I sometimes exceeds a bit. I am sorry. I can’t, but I always read and take note of the topics and questions that you have. You are my daily inspiration. Thank you for being there.

Having said that, let’s talk about our breasts (thus, to break the ice). The search for the perfect bra is not easy. After suffering the tyranny of rings for years, some time ago I decided to use fasteners type top. I love those of style American Appareallencero. It is true that I do not need much fixing, something good has to suffer a fibrocystic mastopathy! However, maximum impact fasteners, which collect the chest very well and avoid the rebounds I choose to run. Along withrunning shoes, this should be one of your first investment. I have seen in many careers to beginners with your bra daily, big mistake!

As it explains the physical trainer Angel Merchan, Homewellness Madrid, “the breast of women consists of mammary glands, tissue fatty and connective tissue.The pectoral muscles are below and do not provide any type of fastening. For this reason, sports with impact, such as running or aerobics, can fundamentally damage the connective tissue of the breast, easing it and even causing the same breaks causing internal bleeding. This area, being a passive structure, does not have capacity of contraction as the muscles. The solution is a proper sports bra that securely chest during exercise”.

In addition to give an extra protection, daily I apply body cream (do not use a specific breast) with her a massage, I am always starting at the neckline and along each breast side up. Let’s reverse the effect of gravity! If you also have mastopathy, to me has gone very well a cream with progesterone (Progestogel). But first consult your gynecologist.

How to choose a bra?

Eye to the fact: 80% of us choose wrong size. How is it calculated? Take the measuring tape and measure yourself. Women’s Secret website they explain it very clearly. I’m a 90 and sometimes a B (the letter is the Cup and the number corresponds to the outline).

If you run with heart rate monitor, I recommend you try a bra with it. I don’t know if happens to you, but to me I always rubs. In fact, to run the Half marathon in San Francisco I had to put a bead of avene’s what irritated that had the area. Now, I usually apply a little Vaseline or cream of Elizabeth Arden eight hours under the monitor box. I usually prefer to run with sujes of #colorinos, type top, because when I step by goal I take my shirt and I wear a dry inmediantemente. For once, the color seems to me a more discreet and less intimate option to put me in striptease.

Pink bra is the model Feel Beautiful Jane (€24.95). It is the effect push-up led to fitness, because it elevates the chest quite. I like tissue and the fact that it does not have seams. Furthermore, the straps can cross or carry straight, but maybe what I am less convinced is the hook. It is similar to the of the classic fasteners, which seem to me a tad uncomfortable buckling. To choose the size you should take into account your cup and contour.

The blue model is the Core Pro from Nike (€24) and already has hundreds of washings. Does not warp, or lose color and brings the same subject than when I bought it. I like it being crossed in the back, because chest is more attached and, in addition, if you wear a shirt with a swimmer’s back is not. Tissue incorporates Nike dryfit technology (to keep you dry). The only drawback I see is that roza me a bit with the heart rate monitor, although the seams are flat to avoid it. Sizes range from S to the L.

The rose is the Nike Victory Adjust X Back model (it is not seasonal, but available in other colors. €47). It is my favorite and has a close with encangache that, unlike the classic grips, not be released. In addition, straps and outline are adjustable, adapting perfectly to your outline and the back is microaireada (perfect also for the summer). It already has several washes and is like the first day. Sizes are considered tops (perfect for cups B, C and D). The other is Underarmour (57 €), one of my latest betting and I love it. Very good subject (but without compression), leaves no marks and is made scuff-proof, because the seams are minimal. In addition, you can remove the filling of the cups. Along with the Nike Victory is of the few that does not strike me with heart rate monitor. A very good investment.For the sizes they take into account your outline and your drink.

The latter is adidas (56 €) and if you have your heart rate monitor micoach, do not hesitate, because it includes a device to hook it. Very good grip, but use it only in winter because for summer gives me a bit of heat. Sizes from S to L. One last tip: sport clothes, as you said, is washed separately, without fabric softener and won’t spin.

I hope that you have been you useful. You know that you can follow us on Twitter (@thebeautymail) on our Facebook page and Instagram (@thebeautymail). Stay tuned!