How to Choose Hiking Boots

Frederick M from the Nature company gives his tips on hiking boots.

As avid hikers – what, reply to the classical question of hiking boot should have high shaft, or not?

I think the head gasket, weight is crucial. If I’m going to carry more than 15 kilos, I do not want to compromise on the support you get from a hefty boot with high shaft. The consequences of a sprain can be fatal. At the end of a long day in the rocky terrain is often tired in my head and turn the easier wrong. When is a tall shaft is preferable.

Boots with membrane that keeps the wetness out there, like Gore-Tex – what are the pros and the downside?

– In addition to protection against wetness wont membranfodrade boots be comfortable right from the start. You do not want to spend time going into boots, there may be an advantage. The disadvantage is that if a membranfodrad boot still get wet, for example, when wade over/in a stream, it is almost impossible to get dry. Then you have to remember that even in these boots, leather parties lubricated with wax.

Speaking of twee tweed, what should you consider?

– A good tip is to buy hiking boots at least a month before to head out, and go into them properly. And one should clean the shoes as soon as you get home from the hike. Good to keep in mind is to care for your feet. Clip toenails and file away calluses before the hike. Sensitive feet may need to be taped at vulnerable spots. I always use double wool socks, with a couple of thin liners closest to the foot. This reduces the friction.


A good cap -walk is a must on your cap. The screen protects from both Sun and rain.
Headlamp -I have a battery-saving old Petzl which gives good glow when you will work in the tent.
Nalgene Wide Mouth 1.0 litres -A translucent water bottle. I usually wrap the bottom with duct tape. I pour in hot liquid warms up as glue and tape will be easy to use even in winter.

Our site is responsible for the company’s stock nature of e-commerce. He has extensive experience of mountain hiking and try to do a couple of weeklong tours every year, preferably in Lapland. His best tips for successful hiking is: “take care of your feet and choose the right hiking boots”.