How to Choose Mountain Boots

Mountaineering boots are a very specialized part of hiking equipment. There are so many on the market and each has a different function to offer. They can also be difficult to find and many are expensive. Follow this guide to help you buy the right pair of mountaineering boots.

Decide where you will use your climbing boots and temperatures to which they will have to endure. Plastic climbing boots with soft liner is best for ice hiking. For longer treks can be a better choice to be a leather and fabric boot because they are more comfortable.
Assess your skill level. If you are a beginner you need mountaineering boots with good support while your body adjusts to the employment levels of hiking. Advanced hikers can choose lighter weight boots.
Buy mountaineering boots with attachments for crampons. If you plan to hike across the ice, you need specially designed nails so find a pair of boots that houses them. Although you do not need them but you can go ice climbing on a future trip so it is a good buy to do now.
Try mountaineering boots. This is important because some boots comply with international size charts and even if they are not all the companies different. The only way to ensure a proper fit is to try the boots on and walk around. The boots should be comfortable and do not rub the feet or ankles anywhere.
Save your receipt. You will spend a hefty sum of money for your mountaineering boots so afraid that receipt in case something goes wrong.

Tips and Warnings

  • It can be difficult to find stores carrying a wide range of mountaineering boots. Instead of supermarkets, try local stores near destinations. If that does not work, consider ordering online with the expectation that you will return what does not fit or what you do not like. Some online retailers can also send more Boots for free and know that you are sending them back. But they will keep your credit card number as a coating on another pair.
  • Never settle for a lower quality shoe at a low price. You will probably spend more to get good quality but it will be worth it during the trek. Your health and safety depend on your mountaineering boots.