How to Choose The Right Awning

Canvas or PVC, fixed on the front of a caravan or a camper, the awning is both a sas entry and a piece of life. Its walls are lift and materialise doors and windows to let the light of the day. Its frame is steel. The seal on the Caravan is ensured by flange foam.

Maintenance of the canopy during the camping

The canopy can undergo several attacks (rain, dirt,…) during your stay at the campsite. Waterproofed canvas or PVC, it is important to not use stain remover product. If it is PVC, a damp sponge will suffice. If it is in cotton canvas, rub gently with a soft brush once the canvas completely dry. If you are settled under trees that lose their leaves or resin, clean it regularly in order to protect the roof. Similarly, remember to clean periodically the skirt and the wheel cover.

Maintenance of the awning after camping

At the end of your stay, it is essential to wait that the awning is completely dry before you fold it and store it, otherwise the residual moisture will make the bed of mould. Same precaution forporches, the range and the other options of awnings. The curtains, they can be washed at 30 ° without wringing or dryer.

The + Council: to determine yourself the size of your awning, refer to the diagram and table below: