How To Freeze Faster Your Drinks

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Who goes camping out there know very well that not all camping ends up offeringthe entire structure of full kitchen. When offers, it is usually just one or two refrigerators that can be occupied in your total capacity, depending on the amount of campers at the site. There are still cases where the kitchen is well away from the area where assemble the tents, and then you catch that cold beer has to walk by several and several times. Thus, the Camp explains to you a homemade recipe that will help you freeze your drinks much faster and keep them close to you in a styrofoamfor much longer.

The ingredients are:

5 kg of ice

250 ml of liquid alcohol (not handling it near barbecues)

250 grams of salt

With the ingredients at hand, the rest is all very simple: mix everything in a cooler,heating pad or styrofoam, and then spread the cans inside of that mix and wait a few minutes.

This mixture will cause the temperature of the drink fall by as much as 14 degrees,depending on the amount and combination of ingredients you put, their drinks may even freeze. This happens due to a chemical reaction where salt and alcohol make the ice melt with more haste, in an endothermic reaction, that is, it absorbs heat.For that to happen, the ice needs to remove heat from some other body that is in contact, which in this case are your drinks cans. In short, what happens here is thatyour drinks will lose heat to the mix with a rapidity greater, leaving your cold beerat that point.

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