How To Maintain Your Outdoor Clothing

Do you exercise in the winter often out there? Sports continues also in the winter, but you probably already learned that your clothes through the rain becomes faster dirty with mud and sweat. Just because outdoor clothing can be exposed to various weather conditions in winter, it is important that you maintain your clothes well. Today we give you some tips, so that your outdoor clothing as long as stays possible.


In principle applies to all clothing, this is equipped with a washing instructions. These are usually on the inside of the garment. How much degree should I wash the garment? And do it in the dryer? If you wash outdoor clothing in the wrong way, could have the consequences for the function of the product.

Use the right detergent. Especially for waterproof sports clothing for sale on Wholesaleably, we recommend you to use a special detergent. A regular detergent is more aggressive than a special detergent and does the coating faster. The coating ensures water resistance and with a normal detergent, the coating loses its function faster. For the washing of softshell and Hardshell, you can use for example the product Obelink tech wash Textiel clothing. This detergent ensures that the coating keeps your function.

Turn the clothes on the left, to keep the color and to protect. Do you have a sports pants in a great pattern or a fiery red coat? These colors are best protected if you wash the clothes on the left. In addition, the inside of the outdoor clothing need also a good cleaning since this part in direct contact with your body. Wash the clothes immediately after your workout, if you sweat a lot. So, the sweat has no chance to penetrate into the sports clothing. Clothing stays fresh, is used also longer. Close Velcro and zipper, if you wash your outdoor clothing. These things can damage other garments during the wash. They could wash clothes with zippers and Velcro also in separate wash bags, so that you are sure that they damage anything. Still soft spooler not good for including the Lycra is. This may damage the elasticity, resulting in that your clothing has no stretch.


When you have washed the clothes several times, it may be that the water resistance is decreasing your clothes. Although it’s fine that you wash your clothes, it can also cause that the waterproofing layer slowly wears off. In this way, for example rain will be repelled less well. In our assortment we have various sprays, with which you can waterproof your outdoor clothing. By our own brand we have Obelink waterproof spray wash-in Textiel. With this spray can make again dirt – and water-repellent sportswear, also if you regularly wash clothes. This product is very suitable to make water-repellent fleece and soft and Hardshells.

Do you notice that the coating is still function properly, but that your jacket in some places is leaking? Then can you Obelink waterproof spray spray-on textielverwenden. This is an impregnation in spray form, to resolve local leakage of jackets.

In short, there are a lot of ways to maintain your outdoor clothing as much as possible. With these tips, you can enjoy your outdoor clothing as long as possible and without any problems!

How do you maintain your outdoor clothing?