How to Organize a Camp

Want to be in touch with nature? If you are adventurous and are thinking about organize away with your friends, you can try go camping. This is a very economical option, with which you can avoid unnecessary costs and enjoy a trip outdoors, where certainly will have unforgettable experiences. We teach you how to organize a camp so you can have a vacation different, fun, and above all, very natural.


The destination for camping

What you need for camping?

Useful tips for camping

The destination for camping

Before starting the escapade is essential to decide the fate. You should keep in mind that you can’t camp anywhere, there are zones and ideal places and adapted so that you can perform your camping, quietly and without risks. But you can find a destination near or far to enjoy nature where you have will.

Before you decide the fate, get together with your friends and discuss with them all the options that fit your tastes and preferences, you can choose a place from the beach or mountain. You should take into consideration that should be a place where it is possible to perform excursions or different activities to ease the journey.

What you need for camping?

If you are thinking of organising the camp, I’m sure you’re wondering that will need for that. It is recommended that you make a list of everything that I consider essential before starting the escapade. There are things that you should buy, such as food or drink, and must do it carefully, Harry fights and problems between you. If you decide to take the food from home is preferable to choose foods that are easy to take as sandwiches, dried fruit, fruit, cold vacuum packed, juices, soda cans, etc. If you decide to cook more is better to opt for mass or breaded steaks, and transport them in a lunch box strong and avoid, at all costs, the sauces. Remember to carry cups, plates and plastic utensils that you can rule out more easily, and napkins.

Individually, each Member of the Group should take this series of objects and materials ideal to hold the camp. The tent, bed bag and mat are essential elements for camping. Remember that, in addition, to get waterproof flashlights, mosquito repellents, plastic bags to throw trash and a canteen. If you have, you can take a gas stove for cooking during the camp. Don’t forget the shoe room, change of clothes and all those basic elements for hygiene, as well as taking a first aid bag. We expanded this information for you in our article how to make a backpack for camping.

Useful tips for camping

Before camp it takes into account some helpful advice, since it is not a question of set up the tent and install it anywhere. We propose to you a list of conditions that the fate of the camp should meet:

Camping in prepared areas or areas of camping outdoors.

Avoid areas with trees to ensure everyone’s safety.

Choose land plans is very normal. However, you must remember that in times of rain can be the ground if flood more easily. The ideal is to find a place with a little inclination.

Find a place sheltered from the wind. It is recommended to place the tents in the direction perpendicular to the wind.

Try to identify the plants that there are to your surroundings. Many of them are espinhentas, and you must or poisonous stinging avoid sleeping near this type of plants.

It is preferable that the place where they perform the camp is clean, no rocks, twigs, rocks or other objects preventing the rest.

It is recommended that you have some river or drinking water nearby.

Avoid fire and bonfires. If it is done, clean the area in order to prevent a fire.

Remember to clean and let the natural space in a position after the camp.

Keep in mind all these advice before hosting this escapade. Get together with your friends, load up their backpacks and enjoy the nature with a camp.

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