How to Pick a Backpack

Whether it is the youngest who goes backpacking in Europe or for a long stay in Asia, buy a good backpack is essential. How to choose from the multitude of models on the market? Here are some tips to shop effectively and five purchase suggestions.


Make sure to be comfortable. As you would before buying a pair of shoes, try the backpack, said Jean-Sébastien Tougas, training coordinator at Mountain Equipment Co-op of the Central Market in Montreal. He suggested putting weight in his bag, and then to walk around with for several minutes or for several hours. This is the only way to know if a bag suits us.


It is important to know what use it intends to make this bag. Will it exposed to the elements?Get does it serve to camp in the mountains or to move in European cities? This information will help you make a choice.


What “options” does one asks a bag? Some are minimalist, with one big pocket where you can store all his things. Others, however, come with several compartments, or even a day bag included with the purchase.


Proportion of your weight you should be able to carry on your shoulders. For example if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be able to put 50 pounds on your back.


In liters, the volume that can usually accommodate a daypack. Travel bags usually contain over 45 l.

Five Suggestions

Disguised as a suitcase bag

The Farpoint 70 Osprey is a shipping bag that borrows heavily to suitcases. Provided with handles on the side and top, it opens full-size, like a suitcase, and has straps inside to compress luggage. No need to wrap the straps in plastic once at the airport, since canvas can hide them for transport. Detail not to be overlooked: the bag has a small detachable daypack, which can bring on itself when left his big bag at the hotel or in the tent.At 1.8 kilograms when empty, it is light weight.

Hide this bag…

And if your day bag could hold in one hand? This is the case of Verto bag produced by The North Face, convenient for those who want to travel light. When the fate of his pocket, which is about fifteen centimeters, one discovers a bag made of parachute silk, which explains its light weight of 310 g. Once deployed, it’s a bag there is more classic, that will be perfect for short expeditions or city trips.

For women only

It exists on the Pauldigo increasingly backpack designed for women. Their straps are generally narrower and are made so as to clear the chest. Moreover, their angle belt fits better to women’s hips. These characteristics, Aurora 50 has all of them.It amply lodge and contains all the necessary straps to attach your equipment.

First Getaways

It’s probably not the ideal bag for those who want to leave a few months traveling, but for young people who leave two weeks in camping, it will be perfect, said Jean-Guy Lamarre, buyer at Sail. At $ 89.99, the investment is not major and that bag, consisting of a large pocket that can accommodate 60 liters of luggage, amply will do for a first purchase.

For seasoned travelers

This unisex bag suit those who go longer and intend to carry their luggage often. Perfect for hiking or camping, it has several access to the main compartment, including the bottom.