How To Survive a Rainy Holiday?

Cold nights, water puddles in front of the tent, and the ticking of the rain, when you wake up in the morning. Rubber boots and rain gear are your daily and your summer dresses and bikinis are still in the bag. This is not exactly the vacation you were hoping to. Relax on the beach, visit to terrace, bicycle – and hiking tours are not in there. You have a week with much rain and need to make up different ways, to make still the best out of your holiday. Good weather or not it is holiday, so give you trouble and make the best of the circumstances.

Plan trips

It’s less fun than lying on the beach and drink cocktails, but take a look around whether there are large museums or other indoor attractions nearby. This is a great way to delve deeper into the culture of the city and the country. The reception of the campsite ask whether there are special trips, which are perfectly suitable for a rainy day.

Indoor Swimming

That the weather is not nice, does not mean that should remain your bikini / your bathing suit in the bag! Probably even an indoor swimming pool is located nearby. For water fun, it needs to be not necessarily 30 º C, for a day at an indoor swimming pool is not bad and the advantage is that you can not burn if you swim all day inside.


In most major cities, you will find also covered shopping malls. You can spend the money you had reserved for lunch, dinner and cocktails on the beach, now in stores, that do not know or would normally not quick visit. If the weather makes you not happy then maybe already a great purchase. It’s raining, doesn’t mean that it is cold outside. If you are looking for a great covered terrace after shopping and find, then drink a magnificent wine you would drink in Nice weather also.

Play free games

Collect some neighbors of the campsite, choose the largest caravan or largest tent and together play a board game or a card game! Make it cozy with candles, drinks and snacks and the evening can be just as comfortable, as for example at a barbecue party. A rainy holiday is also the opportunity to finally read the book that for months in your closet is located.

Positive attitude

The most important thing is your attitude. Can ruin the holidays not due to rain. Even if you had other expectations, it is a waste of your time and your holiday to this surly to behave. Think about alternatives and realize that you are not the only one who has tired of the rain. Try to make the best out of the situation, so that everyone with great memories travels home with your camping friends or neighbors.

Have you ever experienced a rainy holiday? If Yes, how did you talk?