How to Wash Utensils Without Detergent Or SOAP?

Sometimes, on some outputs to the field, we are left without liquid to clean pots or flatware, simply fall into a mistake and lose or forget it at home. Image gallery.

When we are in a way out in the woods looking for a dam, or to the side of the River, after making a delicious fish stew, a useful way is to have ashes as a detergent. While it seems a far-fetched theory, product of the imagination of some that then turns into those myths that nobody dares to dismiss, this is a scientific fact, which is thousands of years old. The ashes of the dead who were thrown into rivers, produced a soapy download, together with some fatty elements of the place. Those places were chosen by our ancestors to wash their clothes.

The principle is simple, the ash contains lye, and this compound is best known nowadays as sodium hypochlorite or water bleach. The product, which is naturally present in the ashes, will launch a soapy download whenever mixing with fats and water, then, only must put some ash from wood (do not use volcanic ash post containing toxic waste and glass, or others that we ignore their origin) on the container that we search for wash, a little water and food scraps will do the rest. Just rub a little and everything will go.

We recommend also using ethyl alcohol once end to this process, to complete the removal of microorganisms that can affect our health. On the other hand, since it is a chemical, is recommended not to make this procedure less than 50 m from a water source.