Inflatable Mattress Guarantees Comfortable Rest in Camps

It is time to relax in the pool, to camping , sleeping at a friend’s house or even in situations where it is necessary to improvise, as a change of House, a inflatable mattress can be very useful. But to buy, how to know which the best choice? The comparison of models is the first step.

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In choosing, you need to know what size, whether it is for double or single, and also thinking about issues of comfort and filling. To buy the model that more fits with what you’re looking for, you need to search. Compare five inflatable mattress options, available in the Live Shopping, and see what’s best for you.

With velvety surface, this model of the Bel Fix provides comfort, softness and practicality. It also has its own valve for quick filling and also to deflate.

Has safety valve flocked vinyl, resistant and extra repair patch.

The filling is made with your foot, without need for bombs. The product is available in blue color and it is guaranteed for 90 days.

Is ideal for camping and other situations in which you need to transport equipment easily without losing time, since it is a smaller item.

But that does not mean that the equipment is a flimsy mattress Mormaii. On the contrary: it is reinforced, durable and resistant.

Also features air system simple in addition to plastic joints to ensure the safety and comfort. Their measures are of 183 cm by 89 cm.

Manufactured in PVC red velvet, this mattress from Coleman it has velvetysurface. Is ideal for camping and travel .

Light and practical, the equipment has transport bag and special double lock valve.

Their dimensions are of 1850 by 965 mm by 203 mm. Not included in built-in inflator.

This single mattress has the ability to up to 100 pounds , which makes him a highly resistant equipment. It is ideal for a variety of situations.

Has one of your faces in velvet and PVC. Has built-in inflator and safety air valve, in addition to repair kit and bag for transport.

It is a model very versatile , for includes a lighting fixture, ideal for reading at night.

Also features pillow attached thermal coating and external coating of type hood.

The material resistant makes it ideal for low temperatures . Your measurements are 1, 85 m by 76 cm by 22 cm.

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