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In all contexts of our life in order to meet basic needs, like going to school, walking, traveling, in order, whenever you need to download some object, in a practical way and thus keeping our hands free, we use bags or backpacks.

The adventurers and travellers, for the most part, are in doubt about which size suitcase or backpack to use in his adventures. To assist and facilitate the choice we will introduce in this post the kinds of backpacks, showing how to use in each situation.

Types of bags:

Wheeled Backpacks: are the first to arise in our mind, because they are versatile and can be used on the shoulders or by dragging it from one side to the other. Areheavily used by children and professionals in their travels to and back, are seen in greater numbers at the airports and schools around us.

Attack: backpacks Are backpacks usually used by travellers, cycle-tourists and adventurers, have different settings from the handles, attachable perfectly in the column. The size of these bags is given by values in liters, and can be from 10 to 32 liters. Are used in small travel, light trails and bike adventures.


Cargo bags Are backpacks that have average: many settings. Can range from 35 to 55 litres in size and are used by travelers in General in mochilões the world, average difficulty and trekking trails.

Backpacks Are backpacks with large cargo: large storage capacity, can vary your size between 60 and 90 litres or more, are used by adventurers in great voyages, expeditions, trekking.

Hydration Backpacks: backpacks Are techniques that have bound water reservoirs internally, being of different sizes can vary between 1 to 12 litres, used in adventure racing, bike trips, light trails, in order, to every place that you need to take water.

Backpacks for kids: Are bags built with car seat for babies and children have safety belts and Buckles, thus preventing the child from falling, it also has retractable frame and backpack to stand alone. Are typically used by travellers who want to havetheir children along on their adventures.

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